2017 New Crop Potato Planting is Finished in Western Idaho

May 19, 2017
Markon First Crop (MFC) Idaho Burbank Potatoes are available. Storage crop MFC Norkotah Potatoes will be depleted this week; new crop, field-run MFC Norkotahs will be available in mid- to late August.
Storage Crop
  • The Burbank variety will be shipped until new crop, field-run Norkotahs become available in August
  • Quality is good; pressure bruising and hollow heart are sporadic issues
    • Storage crop quality will weaken as the season progresses
    • Sheds will need to run more raw product to pack the same number of cartons, reducing available supplies
  • Size profile is currently dominated by small-size potatoes (80- to 100-count stocks); large sizes (40- to 70-count supplies) are tighter
  • Prices will inch up as the storage season progresses; large sizes will rise at a faster rate than small sizes
New Crop 
  • 2017 new crop potato planting is finished in Western Idaho
  • The majority of Eastern Idaho is planted; remaining fields will be wrap up next week
  • New crop Norkotah harvesting will begin by mid- to late August
  • New crop Burbank harvesting will start in late September/early October
  • Recent cold temperatures have delayed seed growth; current estimates are 7 to 10 days behind schedule