Success Stories: Amiel’s The Original Submarine

Owner: Amiel J. Mokhiber Jr. Locations: 3027 W. Henrietta Road, Rochester, NY • ph:(585) 427-0770 60 Cobblestone Court, Victor, NY • ph:(585) 223-8330 • Opened in 1963, Amiel’s the Original Submarine uses only the finest ingredients in its submarines. It has an in-house bakery where they bake rolls in small batches to keep them fresh all day long. Amiel’s slow ...

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See Profits Soar with Cheese-Based Foods

Whether it’s a hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning or meatloaf and mashed potatoes, everyone has a favorite comfort food. Grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni & cheese often top the list of beloved comfort foods, although when dining out, customers don’t want to see something on your menu that they could make at home!   You should also explore ...

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The Secret Ingredients of Hospitality – as Told by Danny Meyer

danny meyer

Being a “hot new” restaurant doesn’t guarantee being a successful one. After all, what’s hot today is cold tomorrow. But does anything guarantee success? A secret recipe? A stunning location? A celebrity chef? Here at Maines, we were inspired by Danny Meyer, featured speaker at the 2014 Maines Food Show. After our interview, it was clear why companies clamor for ...

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When to Menu: Fresh Seafood

Seafood Menu

Adding fresh fish to any menu can become complicated due to what’s happening in the industry. Here is a helpful guide with information provided by Indian Ridge on when the best time to menu certain types of fish is based on availability, seasonality, and regulations. Keep this chart handy when planning your menu and feature items to maximize your menu ...

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Seafood Outlook for 2015

2015 Seafood Outlook

2014 was a very challenging year in the seafood industry. We saw reductions in fresh quotas, challenging cold weather patterns in the beginning of the year that greatly reduced the growth rate of farmed fish and shellfish leading to shortages. Here are some of the most popular fresh items found at mid to high end restaurants and what the industry ...

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Throw a Mardi Gras Party

Mardi Gras, which means “Fat Tuesday” in French is a festival of indulgence before the Lenten Season starts. Originating in New Orleans, Mardi Gras is known for its signature colors which are purple, green, and gold -colors chosen by the King of Carnival in 1872. Throw a Great Party As the owner of your restaurant you automatically become your events ...

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Tips from Our Specialists: Proper Hand Washing for Restaurants

Health inspections are a regular part of life in any food service business, but too often it’s easy for a restaurant or commercial kitchen to fall into the trap of just passing the inspection rather than regularly practicing good food safety procedures. As Chemical Specialists for Maines, it is our intention at ServiSolutions to help your business improve food safety ...

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Fresh Pasta Recipes at Any Price Point

At just about 91 cents for a 5-ounce portion, fresh gourmet pasta is one of the most affordable premium products available -and yet, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating mouth-watering, crowd-pleasing, and money-making fresh pasta menu specialties. The use of fresh gourmet pasta may usually be associated with higher end cuisine, but restaurants of all types ...

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How to Market Fresh Pasta on Your Menu

Pasta is one of the most profitable items a restaurant can put on its menu because although it is a very inexpensive raw product, it allows for a huge markup once transformed into a delicious menu specialty. Fresh gourmet pasta is particularly profitable because of the value it adds to a menu item – you can charge a premium on ...

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11 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

A tough winter can leave your customers feeling cold, tired and not themselves. Serve  up comfort food and seasonal favorites on your menu to help fight off their winter blues. 1. Pour a generous bowl of soup: Warm your guests inside and out by stepping up the soups and stews this winter. A steamy bowl of winter vegetable soup, sausage ...

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