Chef Fabio Presents: Business 101

Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Chef Fabio Viviani has perfected classic  Italian cooking. By the time he was 27, Viviani was already a veteran in the restaurant industry, owning and operating five restaurants in Florence along with a long list of other accomplishments. He opened his first U.S.  restaurant, Café Firenze, in Moorpark, California, then later opened Siena Tavern ...

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Is Your Menu Working With You or Against You?

As a restaurant operator you already know the importance of keeping your food costs in line. That’s because combined with your wages and other payroll expenses, food and beverage costs account for anywhere from 50-70+ percent of your total revenue. Moreover, your food and labor are relatively controllable costs compared to rent, utilities, insurance and most of the remaining expenses ...

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Commonly Missed Cleaning Areas in FOH

According to an article in RestaurantMgmt101, there are few things worse than enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant and then looking up to see an unappetizing cloud of dust around the air conditioning vents or catching a whiff of an unsavory odor while walking to your table or to the bathroom. No restaurant can afford to lose guests because ...

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9 Ways to Boost Your Customer Frequency

increasing customer frequency

It’s less expensive to get your current customers to visit your business more frequently than it is to acquire new customers. Gerry O’Brion gives us 9 strategies on how to get your current customers to come back more often. Video 10 of the Maines Restaurant Formula Video Series –

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10 Pricing Strategies for Your Menu


Menu pricing strategies are one of the most important aspects to running a profitable restaurant. Making money in the restaurant business takes some math skills. Gerry O’Brion gives us strategies on how restaurants can price a menu for profit. Gerry gives us 10 pricing strategies for your menu to maximize the value you give your guests, while maximizing the cash ...

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Customer Spotlight: Joey’s Classic Italian Dining

Owner Joey DeCuffa describes his experience in the restaurant industry as the classic “rags to riches” story. He started out as a dishwasher, became a busboy, then bartender, and finally headed into the kitchen to learn to cook because, as he explains, “the kitchen is the heart of the whole business.” After acquiring a reputation in entry-level positions at another ...

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Success Stories: Mendicino’s Pizza & Family Restaurant

Owner: Gasper Mendicino Location: 921 Drinker Turnpike, Covington Twnp, PA 18444 Phone: (570) 842-2070 • Mendicino’s Pizzeria Ristorante was once an 800 sq. ft. pizza and hoagie takeout restaurant; today it is a 6,000 sq. ft. full-service, family owned Italian restaurant in the Moscow area of Pennsylvania. While pizza is still their specialty, Mendicino’s also serves authentic Italian cuisine ...

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Success Stories: Panzari’s Italian Bistro

Owners: Stan & Reema Debkowski Location: 321 Exchange Blvd. Rochester, NY 14608 Phone: (585)546-7290 • Nestled in the heart of the “Corn Hill Historical Art District” of Rochester, New York, Panzari’s Italian Bistro has been offering eclectic Italian dining with quaint and charming ambiance for close to 14 years. The wide variety of clientele includes businesspeople, families, and even ...

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Success Stories: Branca

Owners: Josh & Jenna Miles Location: 683 Victor Rd., Pittsford, NY 14534 Phone: (585) 310-7415 • A neighborhood Italian eatery in Bushnell’s Basin, a hamlet east of Rochester, New York, Branca honors the storied culinary history of Italy by offering simple yet flavorfully complex dishes. Their fresh, handcrafted food is truly authentic Italian and they make everything in-house, including ...

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