Local, Organic and Fresh


Many restaurants are incorporating organic, local foods into their menus and enjoying increased sales and positive feedback from customers. Why can’t this happen in your establishment? The most common resistance I hear is, “we’re not that kind of place,” “my customers won’t go for that fancy stuff,” or “local/organic ingredients are too expensive.” I used to say all of those ...

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The Choicest Produce From Farm To Fork

Nothing tastes better than farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Harvested at the peak of the season, produce can be the highlight of an entrée or a delightful stand-alone dish. Maines created Produce Express®, a comprehensive program that works directly with farmers to bring fresh, consistent, high-quality produce directly to restaurants and retailers. Produce Express® fruits and vegetables are expertly harvested at ...

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The Scoop on Seafood Sustainability

seafood sustainability

By definition, seafood sustainability is the ability to indefinitely support a defined volume of harvesting while meeting social and economic demands, without overtaxing environmental resources. The future of the seafood industry depends on the conscious decisions made today by the many seafood consumers it serves, and that includes Maines customers. If a particular type of seafood harvesting isn’t sustainable, that ...

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Should Your Restaurant Be Using Snapchat?


Snapchat continues to be one of the fastest growing photo and video sharing apps available today. Snapchat allows users to add captions, drawings and filters to their photos and videos (also known as “snaps”). Unlike other messaging apps, you can only view snaps for a maximum of 10 seconds, and then they are gone for good.   WHAT YOU NEED ...

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Customer Spotlight : Burger Mondays

burger mondays

Matthew and Suzanne Jones describe their restaurant, Burger Mondays Bar & Grille, as a “casual, upscale, made-from-scratch burger joint that serves more than just burgers.” It opened in February 2011 in their hometown of Binghamton, NY.The couple chose the downtown area to help contribute to its revitalization. “There were only a few places to eat downtown when we opened and ...

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Culinary Q&A: David Chang


Chef Eamon Lee, CEC, weighs in on our 2016 Food Show special guest, David Chang. Get his perspective on Chang’s success and impact on the industry and learn how Maines customers can incorporate the celebrity chef and restaurateur’s ideas and innovations into your own operations. When did you first hear about David Chang and what was your initial impression? I ...

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Customer Spotlight: Blu Wasabi

A visually exquisite bar and lounge. George Zic has been executive chef at Blu Wasabi since the operation moved to its current location about a year ago. Zic has been in the hospitality industry in one form or another since 1985 when he and some of his high school friends saw a help-wanted ad in a restaurant window and went ...

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Meet Consumer Demand With The Maines Chicken Program

Chicken has always been a staple of American and most ethnic cuisines, making it the perfect vehicle for showcasing diverse flavors on your menu. Because of its versatility and healthier perception compared to other proteins, it’s a top choice for center of the plate. It’s also a cost effective protein that can be used in a variety of menu applications. ...

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