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Top Business Killers

Five critical points of contact to ignore if you want to kill your business. By David Scott Peters, You can’t afford to not make a great first impression. There are too many other options for your customers in today’s marketplace. And with fewer dining out experiences per week, the amount of chances you have is also down. Here are ...

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Why Customers Don’t Come Back

By David Scott Peters, In a past study called “The Spirit of Service” done by the National Institute for the Foodservice Industry (NIFI), they detailed six main reasons why customers don’t come back. Here they are with ideas to counteract them. Reason No. 6 Let’s start things off with a bang, so to speak. It’s the one thing you ...

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Managers Need a Strong Foundation

By David Scott Peters, Being a restaurant manager can be a difficult job. It can be 100 times harder when you don’t have the right tools and support in place to be successful at the job. As an owner or general manager, here are four key areas to focus on to ensure your managers are supported: 1) Culture 2) ...

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Lobster: The Maine Event


With its firm, white meat packed with rich, sweet flavor, lobster has a high value as a premium protein. More chefs are featuring this versatile shellfish on menus across the board, from fast-casual restaurants to fine dining. Lobster also has allure for health-conscious clientele due to the crustacean’s lower caloric content, saturated fat, and cholesterol. If you want your dishes ...

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The Top Trick to Hold Your Managers Accountable

By David Scott Peters, Once you start using systems, your job becomes holding your managers accountable. As I’ve explained in previous posts, the secret to it all is checklists that keep your team on task and focused on what you expect from them. Daily paperwork is one set of checklists that are a “daily” necessity. Here is an accountability checklist that covers daily ...

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Words of Wisdom from David Chang

David Chang

Known as a “bad-boy” of the culinary industry, David Chang is the owner of the Momofuku restaurant group, unapologetic in both his outlook on food and his big personality. He has been credited with increasing the popularity of modern Asian cuisine through his culinary empire, now numbering five restaurants, several dessert bars, and a cocktail bar. During our Fireside Chat ...

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2017 Food Show Marc Forgione Inspired Menu

First Course Asparagus in Ambush Country Ham, Cured Egg Yolk, Morel Mushrooms Wagner Caywood Vinyard Riesling Second Course Dry Aged Pastrami Rib-Eye Spring Onion Kraut, Beef Cheek Pommes Boulangere Wagner Meritage Dessert Olive Oil Torta Buttermilk Ice-cream, Rhubarb Syrup Wagner Vidal Ice Wine  

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2017 Culinary Gala Menu

ATRIUM/A BAR: MEDITERRANEAN  Fattoush & Goat Feta Stuffed Squash Blossom Heirloom Tomato, Cucumber, Scallion, Radish, Red Pearl Onion, Sumac Vinaigrette, Crispy Pita Chips Spiced Lamb Meatball Artichoke Chickpea Puree, Fresh Chickpeas, Tabouleh, Cilantro Oil Mediterranean Oysters Cucumber Dill Mignonette, Hot Sauce Signature Drink – Asian Pear Mojito Mashed lime, sugar, and mint leaves with sour apple mucker, limon rum and ...

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Monday 2017 Menu

Cocktail Hour Fusion Tacos Seared Bronzini Gooseberry Salsa Verde, Frisee, Red Pearl Onion Korean Braised Pork Shoulder Apple Kimchee Coulis, Crispy Pig Ears, Micro Cilantro Scallion Salad, Sesame Dressing Crispy Quail Tacos Petit Rocket, Artichoke Puree, Sumac Gastrique Sliders Rabbit Bacon Sausage Slider With Ramp Jam Stuffed Lamb Slider Braised Shoulder, Harissa Aioli, Carrot Cashew Slaw Wagyu Beef Slider With ...

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