Market Conditions Report

Market Conditions Report: For the Week of March 4, 2018

With the current weather pattern at this time you can expect to see quick occurring market conditions on all products. There are mandatory evacuations on both coasts in some areas.

Projected days of production will be interrupted causing supply projections to drop. Roads and highways are tough to travel if not impossible to travel and there will be trucking and delivery issues in all areas of the entire supply chain. This will affect foodservice / all retail operations / and every business affected by the weather. We are on the downside of winter and the old saying goes “If March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb”. If that is the case better Spring days are ahead that we can look forward to.

Most important is costs of items manufactured in China will rise and it is in customers best interest to buy now before increases are imposed, as after these increases in April as well as May that will be the new normal for those items for the foreseeable future.


  • Beef production was 572,000 head down 4 % from previous week and flat with previous year. All items are trending up as seasonally expected.
  • Ribeye – Up 4.1 % over last week and up 21.5 % over last year
  • Tenders – Up 2.9 % over last week and up 1.6 % over last year
  • Strips – Up 8.2 % over last week and up 6.9 % over last year
  • Rounds – Up 3.6 % over last week and up 1.1 % over last year
  • Grinds – Up 2.5 % over last week and up 8.6 % over last year


  • Pork production was 2.4 Million down 0.4 % from last week and up 4.7 % over last year. Pork still remains a great value in protein.
  • Bacon – Up 4.9 % over last week and down 23.7 % from last year
  • Sausage – Down 4.4 % from last week and down 2.7 % from last year
  • Loins – Up 1.4 % over last week and down 2.4 % from last year
  • Butts – Up 0.9 % from last week and up 3.5 % over last year
  • Ribs – Up 0.8 % over last week and up 5.2 % over last year


  • Poultry production was 164 million up 0.4 % over last week and up 2.3 % over last year
  • Breast – Market flat with last week and up 2.2 % over last year
  • Wings – Down 1.7 % from last week and down 19.8 % from last year
  • Tender – Great value down 1.8 % from last week and down 5.1 % from last year
  • Dark Meat – Market flat with last week and up 4.0 % over last year
  • Whole Chicken – Market flat with last week and previous year


  • Swordfish – Market up landings are low
  • Tuna – Steady for now low landings expect upward trend by mid- week
  • Halibut – Market down plentiful supply
  • Haddock / Cod – Cod market steady, Haddock market up slightly
  • Salmon – Markets up limited production from Chile
  • Cobia/Barramundi/Bronzino – All markets steady good supply good value


  • Lobster – All markets are trending up and large sizes are very tight as well as most sought after 8 ounce. Market will remain high until new season opens
  • Shrimp – Market remains steady and a great value item to feature
  • Scallops – Holding steady at current level new quota increase will be announced soon
  • Pasteurized crab – No change tight supply market remains at high point
  • Mussel/ Oysters – Supply normal market steady
  • Clams – Back to normal harvesting levels market steady


  • Milk/Cream – Production is stable and balanced and plentiful supply for production demand at this time
  • Cheese – Market is trending up slightly heavier than expected demand
  • Butter – Market steady strong retail demand at this time
  • Eggs – Market up on all sizes and expect trend to continue through Easter Holiday. There is also very high retail demand as a lost leader item to draw traffic


  • The market is in a reactionary mode at this time due to current weather situation nationwide as well as globally. The USDA will update crop estimates this week. With this years reduced acres planted we are still on pace to harvest the second largest amount on record just below 2017 levels we enjoyed last year.


  • Market remains unsteady. All manufacturing in China due to air quality standard improvement will cause severe market interruptions in supply for the long term. It is in customers beat interest to buy ahead on items such as Can liners / Gloves / Guest checks / Napkins / Styrofoam / Plastic, as price increases for April and May are being announced.