Meet Consumer Demand With The Maines Chicken Program

Chicken has always been a staple of American and most ethnic cuisines, making it the perfect vehicle for showcasing diverse flavors on your menu. Because of its versatility and healthier perception compared to other proteins, it’s a top choice for center of the plate. It’s also a cost effective protein that can be used in a variety of menu applications. Maines works with quality poultry suppliers to offer many options from frozen and fresh to free-range and locally farmed – all available through our exclusive Silverbrook brand.


Maines private label Silverbrook brand offers a superior product. The quality and consistency is ensured by our extremely tight specs for sizing and portion cuts, allowing us to offer an industry leading product. Sourced through poultry purveyors – such as Koch, George’s, and Pilgrim’s – we provide the most reliable and versatile poultry for your operation. From the freshest chicken delivered directly from our suppliers to frozen options that maximize convenience, Silverbrook can meet any demand.

Maines understands that these types of product details can be a critical component of your day-to-day business. Today’s restaurateur and diner are concerned about more than just a quality meal – they want to know that they are serving and enjoying a product that is always consistent in size and flavor.

Our diverse Silverbrook brand chicken will ensure you get popular chicken dishes right every time. Maines offers free-range and locally farmed chicken from suppliers with established animal welfare programs. Most of the items available through Silverbrook are stocked at both the warehouse and Maines Food & Party Warehouse locations to best suit the demands of your operation. Other benefits of our offerings include precision portions, efficient packaging, value-added variety and specialty offerings, like halal chicken.

Precision Portions
Our chicken suppliers use state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to provide precise portion sizes like fixed weight or fixed length products. Maines customers can get exactly what they need without having to trim the product after delivery, which offers the freshest product possible in addition to savings on time and labor costs.

Our Controlled Vacuum Packed (CVP) packaging offers the foodservice operator many advantages. Unlike ice packed chicken, which only has a five to seven day shelf life, CVP guarantees a 14-day shelf life on fresh chicken, which decreases the chance of spoiling. Also fresh CVP chicken is packed 16 head per case versus 28-36 in an average ice pack. By maximizing your chicken storage and shelf life and minimizing waste you can produce higher profits in this menu category.

We offer many moist, flavorful, and high-quality value-added options through our Silverbrook brand. Our ready to cook and fully cooked chicken breasts, tenderloins, and wings will save you time, assist with portion control, reduce waste, and help you achieve consistent flavor profiles in every dish.

Halal Products
Halal meat is slaughtered and processed under rules similar to other religiously certified meats, which includes prayer; quick, humane slaughter; and draining of blood. Silverbrook offers certified halal chicken products that follow Islamic “Halal Zabiah” rules.

Each week, Maines receives multiple deliveries of fresh chicken. This allows us to stay current to market for pricing and rotate/turn inventory quickly to ensure optimal freshness and shelf life for our customers. We work with numerous suppliers providing alternative options for product availability, and we have superior sourcing capabilities through valued relationships with local and national suppliers. We also help our customer’s optimize shelf life and maximize freshness by delivering product from suppliers directly to our warehouse.