hot chili pepper

Spring Trend: Hot & Bold!

Whether diners are attracted for health reasons or the delicious, addictive properties of chile peppers, the result is the same: an increased demand for spicy recipes in all day parts (even the bar!)

• Give crunchy, charred cabbage and green onions a bump of fiery flavor with the Korean favorite gochujang sauce.

• Flavors like Ancho, Chipotle, Habanero, and Jalapeno maintain their loyal followings, but new varietals (as ingredients and in hot sauces) like Aji Panca, Aleppo, Cascabel, Hatch, and Scorpion chiles may become more prominent this year.

• The rise in sauces like Sriracha and Bang Bang have spurred interest in others like North African harissa, Jamaican jerk, and Korean gochujang; expect these to only increase in popularity.

• Even cocktails, desserts, and teas (traditionally flavored with sweet produce items) are getting the heat treatment: Try Thai chiles in martinis, cayenne and lemon in hot tea, and Jalapenos in pineapple paletas.

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