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Breakfast & Brunch: Deconstructed

brunch deconstructed

The Meat of the Matter According to Technomic’s Breakfast Consumer Trend Report, 75% of consumers say a breakfast item’s ability to satiate them until lunch is highly important. With this in mind, protein, whether it’s plant-based or meat-centric, should play a role in your breakfast offerings. Eggs, sausage, and bacon reign as the most preferred breakfast proteins. But today’s diners ...

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The Lighter Side of Breakfast

lighter side breaksfast

As diners continue to focus on health and nutrition, there is an increased opportunity in the breakfast and brunch category. According to the NPD Group’s most recent “Eating Patterns in America” report, sales of better-for-you breakfast fare in food service have increased by 13%. Take advantage of “start the day” messages by promoting breakfast dishes as “healthy starters” and further ...

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It’s Not Brunch Without Beverages

breakfast beverages

When it comes to your brunch menu, treat beverages as more than just an afterthought, and make them a part of the meal. According to Datassential, nontraditional breakfast beverages are a growing opportunity, and although coffee is still the most popular breakfast drink, consumers are looking for out-of-the-ordinary offerings. The brunch menu is the perfect place to promote a selection ...

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The Rise of Brunch


Brunch, beloved among Millennials and those looking for a shared food experience, is changing the way Americans eat breakfast. This late-morning meal is becoming more of a communal experience rather than a destination. Data from Google Trends show that search interest in brunch has been rising steadily since 2004 with spikes in searches on significant Sunday occasions like Easter and ...

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Sharpen Your Breakfast Skillet Skills

Skillets, hashes, or skillet hashes: No matter what you call them, this versatile and hearty dish is crucial to your breakfast or brunch menu. While corned beef hash or a classic sausage/potato/egg skillet will always resonate with comfort food fans, breakfast skillets, much like on-trend bowls, are getting a makeover with inspired flavors and treatments. They’re the perfect platform for ...

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Make Some Dough with Breakfast Breads

breakfast bread

Look anywhere these days and you’ll discover breakfast and brunch are trending away from the traditional all-you-can-eat buffet towards carefully curated à la carte menus. Today’s  well-engineered brunch menus contain well-thought-out offerings; nothing is an afterthought – everything has a specific purpose. The same is true for breakfast breads, once used as a buffet profit-hedging tactic thanks to their tendency ...

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“Everything” Brunch

Shareable meals are trending because they are economical, intimate, and give each diner the chance to taste a bite of everything. Brunch is a perfect setting for a shareable plate, and this traditional presentation has been served at nostalgic Jewish-owned delis for decades. Take inspiration from this deep cultural fabric by constructing your own brunch spread with whipped smoked trout ...

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The Business of Brunch + 5 Steps for Success


Brunch differentiates from breakfast in that it’s much more than a meal, it’s a unique social experience and a national pastime. As a result of changing lifestyle patterns in how Americans eat, live, and interact with each other, brunch has become more popular than ever. However, just because it’s booming, doesn’t necessarily mean starting a brunch program is the right ...

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