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Grown-Up Grilled Cheese

Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches per day. The competition is stiff, so average won’t cut it. Sandwiches provide the perfect blank canvas for culinary creativity and crossutilization of ingredients – a key step in better menu management. Reinvent and refine the nostalgic grilled cheese sandwich with trendy and flavorful additions. Layer them with quality cheeses such as Welsh ...

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Herb-Basted Swordfish Steak

The way your seafood is sourced is important to your customers. Offering versatile, large cuts of sustainable seafood conveys quality, authenticity, and most importantly, a responsibility to replenishing the Earth’s resources. The rich, golden brown herb-charred grill marks on top of the dense, meaty swordfish are reminiscent of filet mignon, providing the same high-end value yet at a better food ...

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“Nuevo” Huevos Rancheros Verde

Breakfast is a defining daypart that presents an opportunity to make a strong statement about your restaurant’s brand, quality, and culture. Enhance predictable breakfast offerings by incorporating interesting international flavors. Start with a familiar ethnic dish like Huevos Rancheros and take it to the next level by adding layers of aroma, texture, and temperature. The combination of spicy salsa, rich ...

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Villa Frizzoni Veal & Lamb

Veal lamb

Cowboy cooking represents tradition in every sense of the word – it is a true honest form of cooking. Originally used to reenergize cowboys after a hard day of work, searing meat over an open flame is a great way to make a bold statement on your menu. The fire, aroma, and ambiance all add to the overall experience. The ...

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Ultimate Fried Chicken Sandwich

A sandwich should speak to customers before they even take a bite. Offerings like this chicken sandwich do just that. Your eye travels from the buttery brioche bun, to the mouthwatering garlic and honey aioli sauce and spicy hot cherry peppers and then makes an epic landing on the fluffy, pickle-brined, deep-fried chicken breast. Incorporating high-quality ingredients and culinary techniques ...

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Chocolate-Bananas Foster Donut Bread Pudding

Following food trends is critical in keeping up with consumer demands. Donuts are a go-to comfort food that have become a huge trend, showing up in milkshakes, pies, cakes, and more. Add this popular pastry to desserts for an innovative mash-up that will create new buzz on your menu. Housemade desserts show off a restaurant’s uniqueness and style. A well-made-from-scratch ...

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