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Markon Produce


Does your restaurant have a signature item? A specialty, epicurean ingredient like truffles can turn something as basic as a baked potato into the most popular item on your menu. The Maines Direct Program can assist you with sourcing items from foraged mushrooms to Spanish ham, gourmet cheeses and other hard-to-find items. For fantastic vegetable side dishes like Million Dollar ...

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Seasonal Produce Highlights: Squash


Unlike summer squash, winter squash has matured seeds and hard shells when harvested in early fall. Typically, winter squash carries excess water which can be released after curing the fruit and storing it at warm temperatures in a well-circulated area for 10 to 14 days. Curing the squash increases the shelf life and concentrates the natural sugars, creating sweeter flavors. ...

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Seasonal Produce Highlights: Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts

The fall months bring out the best in Brussels sprouts, which are a member of the Brassica (cabbage) family. Enduring a few light frosts before being picked will improve the flavor of this cold-weather vegetable, which lends itself well as a side or entrée. Sprouts are ready to harvest when green and firm and are best when stored fresh and ...

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Maines Joins Markon for Annual Chef Summit

Chef Summit

Foodservice chefs across the country stepped out of their kitchens into fields and packing facilities to learn about the produce they use, and collaborate on new ways to integrate produce on menus through Markon Cooperative’s second annual Chef Summit. The Chef Summit, held in Monterey, California, brought together 22 chefs from Markon’s seven foodservice members and foodservice operators, including our ...

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Seasonal Produce Highlights: Apples


Apples bring a welcome freshness to the colder-weather months when menus are packed with heavier fare, bringing freshness, brightness, and texture (when raw) to fall and winter seasonal dishes. There are 2,500 varieties of apples in the U.S., and New York is only second to Washington state in terms of apple production. The Empire State grows and markets more commercial ...

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VIDEO: Heat Damage in Strawberry Crops

September 28, 2016 Quality and supply issues in strawberry crops caused by a recent heat spike in the Salinas and Watsonville, California growing regions. Markon First Crop Strawberries are not available; Markon Best Available is being substituted temporarily Temperatures in the Salinas and Watsonville growing regions have climbed as high as 101 degrees over the last three days (click here and ...

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Update: Bell Pepper, Cucumber, and Squash Harvesting Transitions

September 27, 2016 The fall harvesting transition for bell pepper, cucumber, and squash crops will occur on both coasts over the next two months. Production in Michigan and North Carolina will move to Georgia, followed by Florida. The California season will wind down and transition to Mexico for the winter. Extremely hot, followed by unseasonably cool temperatures in California over ...

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