3 Alternative Ways to Cook Fresh Ravioli

Why stick with just boiling a fresh pasta ravioli when there are other ways to cook them? Try any of these alternatives for a unique menu offering to your customers:

1. Steaming
Take some inspiration from dim sum and try steaming ravioli! This can be a convenient alternative to boiling, especially if you are already baking or steaming other items in a large steamer. Steaming can also be particularly handy when you are preparing a lot of ravioli in bulk, such as you would for a large dinner function or catering table.
To steam ravioli, they must be slightly moistened first. Place frozen ravioli in a stainless steel bowl, then spray them with a mixture of water and vegetable oil (simply mix the two in equal proportions in a spray bottle). Coat well in the oil/water mixture, then transfer them to a perforated pan that has been sprayed with nonstick cooking spray. Steam ravioli for 11 to 14 minutes.

2. Pan Searing
Pan searing a ravioli gives it a nice crispy, toasted exterior, which lends more texture to a dish. Pan searing is also a great way to highlight a larger ravioli with a delicious filling that deserves to be the center of attention. For a unique plate, try serving pan seared ravioli with just a drizzle of sauce that compliments the filling instead of coating them entirely. For example, try Buffalo chicken ravioli with a blue cheese drizzle – or, a blue cheese ravioli with a Buffalo cream!
To pan sear fresh frozen ravioli, you must boil them first for two to three minutes to thaw and loosen up the fresh pasta. After boiling, shock in ice water and pat dry, then sear in an oiled pan on each side over medium to medium-high heat until the center is hot and the outside of the ravioli is golden brown.

3. Deep Frying
Ah, the deep fry – the classic way to make decadent things more decadent. Ravioli are no exception – deep frying a ravioli can transform it from a simple entree accompaniment into a sophisticated appetizer. As with pan searing, you will want to boil the ravioli first for a few minutes, then shock in ice water and pat dry. Dip in flour, dredge in eggs, then coat with your breading of choice. Deep fry in oil until crispy, then serve with a dipping sauce that compliments the ravioli’s filling – cheese ravioli with marinara is always a winning combination, but we invite you to get creative! Pro tip: you can pan fry ravioli using this same method.

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