wine and salad

5 Wine and Salad Pairing Ideas for Your Menu

Here’s a list of some of  the most popular salads and wine pairing ideas to go with them:

1. Cobb Salad
With smoky bacon, creamy avocado, tangy blue cheese, and juicy tomatoes, Cobb salad pairs well with a variety of wines. A bottle of fragrant Gewürztraminer contrasts with salty, creamy notes, while an earthy pinot noir enhances the meaty bacon.

2. Salad with Curried Chicken
Enhance sweet-tart curried chicken salad with an aromatic white wine like Viognier, a full-bodied white, or Torrontés, a dry floral white from Argentina.

3. Niçoise Salad with Tuna
Rosé is a natural match for the tangy, salty flavors. Choose either still or sparkling—both are dry, refreshing, and evocative of the South of France, where this dish originated.

4. Salad Topped with Spicy Meat
A low-alcohol wine, such as slightly sweet Riesling or fruity red Beaujolais, will complement a complex salad without fanning the heat.

5. All Greens
With green salads, think “green” wines. The wine with just about the greenest flavors in the world is Sauvignon Blanc (also called Fumé Blanc), which has a sassy, bold, herbal tilt. For a lighter green note, go with Pinot Grigio.