metal snackware

7 Ways to Snack in Style

As snacks are becoming more mainstream, add a special flare with these Snack Menu Serviceware Items. Here are our top picks for your tabletop.

1. Conical Baskets


These have an awesome way of making less look like more. Pile in kabobs, fries, and other finger foods to create an appetizing array of food but with less negative space. You can also order basket styles with ramekin holders for dipping sauces.

2. Decorative Wrought Iron Baskets







We love that you can line sliders in a row on these without the tray looking looking strange or empty. The dark wrought iron frames the food and draws guests’ eyes in, making food look larger and more inviting.


3. Mini Cast Iron


Now mac and cheese or warm dips can make it to the snack menu and not only be delicious but also adorable and practical. Serve it hot in a mini cast iron pot.

4. Chip and Dip Basket


It’ll be hard for guests not to notice this very cool chip and dip basket on another table or being delivered by a server. It makes regular (or not so regular) chips and dip seem that much more exciting.

5. Fry Cups


Side of fries? Breaded shrimp? Jalapeno poppers? Popcorn? Why not present them in a stainless steel cup or some other stainless steel receptacle that is different, fun, and scaled down to the perfect size?

6. Serving Boards

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A serving board automatically graces food with a rustic and artisan feel. American METALCRAFT has several styles, some of which can hold ramekins or small serving bowls. Have fun with these, whether you put dishes on them or place your
snack on them directly.

7. Testing Dishes, Stainless Au Gratin Dishes, and Mini Cookware


These dishes are wonderfully sized and shaped for snacking portions. Even pasta dishes can become a snack item when served in miniature tableware like this. Create a combo snack item with various and stylish receptacles.