A Slice of Social Media: Deli Edition

Whether you are running a deli or have a few sandwiches on your menu, these social media ideas can help highlight your menu offerings and increase your fan engagement on any social network.

Turn it Over to Your Fans
Thinking about adding a new sandwich to your menu? If you can narrow down your new sandwich ideas to a few options, let your fans decide on the winner. Post pictures and descriptions of your top three to get fans to start talking about them. Then, let fans vote on the sandwich they want added to the menu. After they vote, you could add the new sandwich as a seasonal feature, limited-time offer, or as a part of your permanent menu. This helps promote your sandwiches with a fun spin and will have your fans talking about your new menu offerings before they are even available.
You could also get your fans involved to help name a new item on your menu. Social media is great for crowd-sourcing ideas, and your fans will love it! Off er that sandwich for free to whoever comes up with the cleverest name.

Highlight What Makes Your Sandwiches Unique

Make your own bread?
Share a few pictures every now and then of your freshly baked bread coming out of the oven or an image of your chef making the dough.

Roast your own meats or slice them fresh?
Showing a piece of meat freshly roasted will entice customers with the freshness of your ingredients. Start a conversation by asking some fun questions such as…

  • Can you name three of our sandwiches served with fresh roast beef?
  • How many sandwiches do you think this turkey breast will make?
  • What’s your favorite kind of cheese to put on a turkey sandwich?
  • How many slices of meat do you think we use every day?

Make your own dressings or spreads?
Take a short video or some photographs of your chef mixing up your dressings and spreads or preparing the ingredients that go into them. Focus on the fact that they are made fresh!

Social offer
Not every business likes to give away items or offer specials, so if you don’t promote deals in your regular marketing efforts, it’s best to avoid them on social media. If you do off er specials, try creating a “Social Deal of the Week.” Pick a day that’s slowest for your business and designate that on your social networks as “Social Wednesday,” for example. Then, every Wednesday, off er an exclusive deal for your fans. Th is could be a free drink, free cookie, or even a few dollars off of a carry-out lunch sandwich. This will help drive sales on your slowest day, get your
fans checking back every week for your “Social Deal of the Week,” and give them a reason to connect with you online, thus increasing and fostering your fan base. For this type of promotion to be effective, you should consistently post according to this theme every week. It may take a while for your fans to get accustomed to it, but remember to check back regularly and stay on it.