Aleppo Pepper: Fruity with a Kick


Aleppo pepper is a moderately hot-tasting powdered spice made from dried fruits. Chefs are adding it to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines and are also using it as a substitute for paprika or red pepper. This fruity, yet spicy flavor enhancer has grown on menus by 208% over the last four years and can take your dishes to the next level.

On the Menu

  • Middle Eastern restaurant Al-Basha, located in New York, offers an authentic muhammara (hot pepper dip) appetizer made with fresh ground Aleppo peppers combined with walnuts and olive oil.
  • Ohio’s Metropole restaurant heightens the taste of its Broccoli ‘Beignets’ snack by topping them with Aleppo pepper and serving with lemon-Parmesan aioli.
  • Botanica Restaurant, located in Los Angeles, CA, tops its signature breakfast of Turkish Eggs with Aleppo-urfa (dried Turkish chili pepper) butter


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