Valentine's Day Aphrodisiacs

Romance Customers with an Aphrodisiac Inspired Menu

Customers always enjoy the “story” behind their food: what local farm raised their meat, how long your restaurant simmered its house-made stew, or where your chef traveled for an inspired dish. During the month of love, offer a few items with ingredients believed to be aphrodisiacs in certain cultures on your menu.

Here are a few menu ideas from the ordinary to the exotic to share with your culinary team:

Star Anise – licorice flavor is believed in my cultures to increase that loving feeling. Ancient Greeks would chew the anise seed which also freshened breath.

Tomatoes- Today’s kitchen staple was once called the pomme d’ amour in France (the apple of love) because of its alleged amorous properties.

Oysters- The legend states that Casanova would eat 50 raw oysters for breakfast. Romans in the second century A.D. prized the oyster above all other foods for its aphrodisiac qualities.

Dark Chocolate- Chocolate increases levels of the phenylethylamine and  serotonin, two chemicals that have been shown to raise pleasure responses in the brain.

Fennel- Another licorice-flavored plant, fennel was one of the Egyptian aphrodisiacs of choice.