Ask a Markon Chef – Chef Eamon Lee, Maines Corporate Chef

Featured Q&A with Chef Eamon Lee, Maines Corporate Chef & Markon Member Chef:

Q: Breakfast anytime has taken the industry by storm. What traditionally morning meals do you like to serve for dinner and how do you adapt them for the later time?

A: Savory waffles are a favorite. Chicken and waffles took the country by storm a few years back, but I like to serve produce-driven waffles topped with baked butternut squash, caramelized onions, or roasted fennel. Each of these has a degree of sweetness that pairs well with the neutrality of waffle batter. I serve them with syrup flavored with the herbs or chile peppers for more complexity. *

  • Add beet puree to your waffle batter for deep pink or ruby red color and earthy flavor
  • Make waffles with shredded potatoes, grated cheese, and bits of bacon; top with a fried egg.