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“Nuevo” Huevos Rancheros Verde

Breakfast is a defining daypart that presents an opportunity to make a strong statement about your restaurant’s brand, quality, and culture. Enhance predictable breakfast offerings by incorporating interesting international flavors. Start with a familiar ethnic dish like Huevos Rancheros and take it to the next level by adding layers of aroma, texture, and temperature. The combination of spicy salsa, rich ...

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The Superfood of the Sea & Blackened Foods

The Superfood of the Sea Full of micronutrients and calcium, seaweed may give swimmers a chill down their spine, but it is a popular ingredient that provides dishes with numerous minerals as well as a healthy garnish. It is also sustainable, environmentally friendly, and contains fiber, iodine, vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron. • Combine and blend toasted seaweed with ...

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How to Merchandise Your Steak Menu


With a wide variety in cuts, qualities, and preparation styles, diners have several options to choose from when ordering steak. Updating how you portray steak on your menu can have a  tremendous impact on sales. Incorporate beef characteristics such as grass fed, organic, or USDA grade onto your menu to change the perception of these items and increase appeal. CLICK ...

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The Perfect Egg Alternative & Cocktails Gone Wild

The Perfect Egg Alternative Otherwise known as the liquid that chickpeas and beans are soaked in, aquafaba is an emerging ingredient that is popular for its egg-like consistency and plant-based properties. It has a unique mix of starches and proteins that give it a wide variety of emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinizing, and thickening properties. • Explore aquafaba’s full potential by ...

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2017 Management By Menu Calendar

BREAKFAST January: “Nuevo” Huevos Rancheros Verde February: “Everything” Brunch   SEAFOOD March: Jamaican Rundown Seafood Stew April: Herb-Basted Swordfish Steak   SANDWICHES & DELI May: Grown-Up Grilled Cheese June: Ultimate Fried Chicken Sandwich   SALADS, GREENS & GRAINS July: Mediterranean Tapas August: Ciabatta Panzanella   CENTER OF THE PLATE September: Bistecca Fiorentina October: Roasted Asian Duck   DESSERTS November: Fresh-Baked ...

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2017 Herb of the Year & Name Brand Sweet Treats

2017 Herb of the Year Named 2017 Herb of the Year by the International Herb Association, coriander seeds or cilantro leaves boost the flavor of many foods. Cilantro is the bright green leaves and stems of the coriander plant found in many ethnic dishes, giving them a lemony and fresh taste. • Top a chili, stew, or soup with sour ...

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Customer Spotlight: The Beaumont Inn

Beaumont Inn

Built in 1948, The Beaumont Inn provides customers with an elegant, fine dining experience where they can enjoy classic American cuisine and beautiful scenery that includes mountains, creeks, and gardens surrounding the 50-acre property. The outdoor landscape boasts two patios that can seat up to 120 people, a lounge area with fire pits and torches, and botanical gardens while the ...

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