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Spring Trend: Thai It On

bok choy

Thai food has been marginally trendy from coast to coast for decades, but these flavors have never been major influencers to the wider industry. Is 2016 the year this producecentric, bold-flavored cuisine rises in the ranks? Many predict that this is the breakout year for Thai-style preparations and sauces. The high notes in this cuisine tend to be either sweet ...

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Spring Trend : Smashing Cucumbers

Beyond the pickle craze (which has been a big trend itself for the last few years), cucumbers themselves are enjoying a heyday with their refreshing flavor, crunchy texture, and wide versatility. • Smashing cucumbers rather than slicing (like the method used with garlic cloves) is a normal way to prepare them in many parts of Asia; the technique removes the ...

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Spring Trend: Hybrid Burgers

The beloved American favorite, the hamburger, has never actually contained ham…but today’s in-demand versions may include beets, lentils, mushrooms, or sweet potatoes. Replacing a percentage of beef with roasted, ground mushrooms lowers fat content and adds high-impact umami notes. Roasted, finely chopped beets add more than flavor. They give meaty burgers brilliant ruby red hues and plenty of beta carotene. ...

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How to Introduce Asian Elements onto Your Menu

asian food trends

In less than two decades, Asian cuisine has gone from being a niche food served mostly in hip coastal restaurants to one of the most popular in the world. According to market research firm Euromonitor, global sales at Asian fast food restaurants (any restaurant that receives less than 50 percent of its sales from sit-down diners) have grown by nearly ...

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Spring Trend: Stuffed Pockets of Deliciousness

stuffed squash blossom

Little pockets of deliciousness…they are called by many different names and contain a wide variety of ingredients, but one thing for sure is that their popularity (especially as appetizers) is far from slowing down.   Squash Blossoms With spring comes the harvesting of delicate squash blossoms—go the Italian route and fill them with housemadeRicotta cheese, fresh basil, and zesty garlic; ...

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Early in 2015, “broth” became a buzzword and was trending due to its ties to healthy diets and “cleansing” benefits. Asian-inspired meals such as broth bowls, pho and ramen have been hugely popular in fast-casual establishments around the country and they are starting to find a place on mainstream menus. With a long history and influences from around the globe, ...

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