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Long associated with Asian cuisine, eating raw fish is now on the move to the Mediterranean. Crudo (roughly translated from Italian, meaning raw) is the new version of this trend. Just as sushi and sashimi use soy and wasabi to bring out the natural flavors of fish, crudo favors extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, and citrus for its distinct ...

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ServiSolutions: An Opportunity is Brewing


Sixty percent of Americans drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee each day. If you aren’t offering coffee, you’re letting potential customers and profits pass you by. Consumers are crunched for time and seeking quick and quality drink options. As the thermometer dips, this is the ideal time to consider implementing a hot beverage program or upgrading  your current ...

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Winter Trends: Celery is Cool, Tasty Tumeric, Indulgent Treats

savory desserts

Hip Veg: Chefs Embrace Celery Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower…some unlikely vegetables have moved from the shadows of the menu into the spotlight. Is it celery’s turn? Many chefs seem to think so. No cook worth their toque would consider working without this humble ingredient… it’s integral to the classic sauce- and soupbase mirepoix and gives punch to many mayonnaise-based salads ...

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Winter Trends: Ugly Vegetables, Clean Eating, Artificial Backlash

Ugly Vegetables A lot of what is grown in this country gets thrown away, wasted, or goes unused solely because of its appearance, but homely roduce tastes just as delicious as picture-perfect products. Utilizing what the industry refers to as seconds can go a long way towards reducing waste and saving resources—as well as help the bottom line. Once an ...

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The Deconstructed Cannoli

deconstructed cannoli

What’s more romantic than sharing? Here’s a dessert idea to roll out for Valentine’s Day and then keep on the menu happily ever after. Cannoli Chips and Dip, The Deconstructed Cannoli, The Holy Cannoli…whatever you want to call it, it’s new, cool, easy to sell and profitable across the board! Better yet, its fast and easy to make! Here’s how: ...

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3 Ways to Boost Restaurant Sales During Football Season

Every year, the NFL’s loyal fans follow the season from September through the big game in February. Those football fanatics are always looking for a place to watch the game. So what can you do to take advantage of potential customers and how is your establishment going to keep them coming back for another game? Here are 3 ways to ...

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Expanding Boundaries

Chicken has always been a top choice for center of the plate due to its versatility, healthier perception compared to other proteins, and value. It is a cost effective protein, whether you’re topping a salad with a chicken breast or plating a fresh whole antibiotic-free chicken. With quality brands like Silverbrook, Maines offers a comprehensive variety of poultry options from ...

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Chocolate-Bananas Foster Donut Bread Pudding

Following food trends is critical in keeping up with consumer demands. Donuts are a go-to comfort food that have become a huge trend, showing up in milkshakes, pies, cakes, and more. Add this popular pastry to desserts for an innovative mash-up that will create new buzz on your menu. Housemade desserts show off a restaurant’s uniqueness and style. A well-made-from-scratch ...

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