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Chef Eamon Lee’s 8 Favorite Brunch Spots

brunch spots

What is the “new” description of brunch? It’s no longer the “belly up to the big steamy all-you-can-eat buffet that leaves you with regret.” Customers today are looking for an a la carte menu with reinvented comfort foods and artisanal ingredients. Fresh, new, exciting flavors are being crafted, but they are being presented in an approachable way with a relaxed ...

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15 Variations of Eggs Benedict

eggs benedict

At one time, a chef had 100 pleats in his hat to signify the 100 ways he knew how to prepare eggs. Regardless of how many pleats are in your hat, there are endless ways to cook an egg. Eggs help inspire menus from traditional comfort classics to innovative dishes that make a bold culinary statement. Eggs Benedict is a ...

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The Brunch Revival

Brunch Trends

Brunch is, of course, a blend of “breakfast” and ” lunch” and is thought to have originated in Britain in the late 19th century as a hangover meal served on Sundays for people who overindulged on Saturday nights. In 1895, Mr. Guy Beringer extolled the virtues of brunch in an article he wrote: “Instead of England’s early Sunday dinner, a ...

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Cheesy Breakfast Sandwiches

cheese breakfast sandwiches

A breakfast sandwich is typically made showcasing any type of bread, egg, protein, vegetable, and cheese. Breakfast sandwiches speak directly to both consumer needs and wants for value and portability, as well as operator goals of a high-margin menu item. It is also a great opportunity to get creative with innovative ingredient pairings. Chefs can focus on regional varieties, or ...

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Customer Spotlight: The Revelry, Branca & Buffalo Proper


If you are looking to have a unique and exemplary dining experience, we would like to introduce three establishments that bring you a historical charm and hospitable ambiance combined with a fresh modern twist on old cuisines and beverages. Owner Josh Miles developed three concepts that all inherit a traditional home-grown appeal and combine it with chic and sophisticated entrees ...

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Large Plates

large plates

The emerging large plate trend caters to the desires of chefs and customers alike for an approachable, simple, fixed price, and fun dining experience. It is characterized by the gathering of friends around the table for a passionate, thoughtful and complete meal. Large plates eliminate the need for menu decisions and allow for personal interpretations at every place setting. They ...

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Cheese and Charcuterie


Charcuterie has become a mature trend that continues to appear on menus across the country as more consumers have become familiar with its many facets. Charcuterie works! Great charcuterie is an excellent display of quality handcrafted meats and artisanal cheeses rich in umami for an intense culinary experience. Adding it to any menu only requires two basic skills; procuring the ...

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Artisan Salads


Over the past decade, salads have lost their way in the food industry. Chefs today are starting to put more emphasis on the art of making salads. Whether it’s a lightened and fresh reinterpretation of the classic wedge, an homage to the  elegant-yet-simple Italian Tricolore Salad, or a salute to the seasonal farm-to-table movement with beets, artisan lettuce and goat ...

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The act of grilling is no longer confined to just meats. Grilling fruits, vegetables and other nontraditional ingredients can be a profitable point of differentiation for restaurants and appeal to a broader market. Stone fruit, polenta, cauliflower steak, and romaine, all charred to perfection can be used in any part of your menu. Grilled fruits achieve a smoky-sweet flavor, and ...

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The modern day BBQ continues to evolve as today’s chefs explore the art of low and slow cooking. All elements of the classic BBQ are now getting the same focus and attention that was once reserved solely for the ribs and brisket. Chefs extend their passion for food through artisan inspired sides, sauces and presentation. Restaurants can exceed customer expectations ...

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