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The Choicest Produce From Farm To Fork

Nothing tastes better than farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. Harvested at the peak of the season, produce can be the highlight of an entrée or a delightful stand-alone dish. Maines created Produce Express®, a comprehensive program that works directly with farmers to bring fresh, consistent, high-quality produce directly to restaurants and retailers. Produce Express® fruits and vegetables are expertly harvested at ...

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Heirloom Vegetables 101

fiddlehead ferns

Most people think of tomatoes when they think of heirloom vegetables, but any kind of vegetable you’ve eaten has an heirloom variety. So what is an heirloom vegetable anyway? Though the exact definition can vary depending on whom you ask, generally, an heirloom vegetable is a variety that is at least 50 years old and grown from seeds passed down ...

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How to Incorporate Local Produce on Your Menu Year-Round

Key trends right now in the industry are using local, fresh ingredients and making dishes from scratch. House-made syrups, sauces and compotes are a way to incorporate local produce onto your menu year round, not just while they are in season. They can be used in a variety of places on a menu, from sauces and dessert toppings to specialty ...

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Capturing A Greater Value With Produce

One piece of advice that I consistently offer is that before making a decision, think about why it’s important to your business for the long haul. Ask yourself this about every little part of your business and you can’t go wrong. When practicing this strategy, you also help create a “story” for your business, which is the most important thing ...

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Culinary Q&A: David Chang


Chef Eamon Lee, CEC, weighs in on our 2016 Food Show special guest, David Chang. Get his perspective on Chang’s success and impact on the industry and learn how Maines customers can incorporate the celebrity chef and restaurateur’s ideas and innovations into your own operations. When did you first hear about David Chang and what was your initial impression? I ...

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Building A Brunch With Kitchen Tech


Incorporating kitchen tech isn’t just for high-end restaurants and chains. It’s becoming increasingly important for the independent operator. Restaurant owners need to assess mainstream technology and determine the role it could play in the products they make and the for labor costs to produce. In the last issue of Maines, we discussed how kitchen tech like induction, sous vide, and ...

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Beverages and Beyond

As the demand for soda decreases, there is an increased opportunity for innovative beverage options. Restaurants can take a page from the revival of handcrafted cocktails and draw inspiration to create something exciting for today’s customers. Mock cocktails and handcrafted beverages aren’t just for children and those abstaining from alcohol but anyone looking for an alternative to mass-produced sugary drinks. ...

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