Beverages with Benefits

Health and wellness are two prime factors driving consumers’ beverage decisions. The demand for soda and sugary beverages is declining, as consumers seek refreshments that offer nutritional benefits. Whether it’s natural fizzy libations, fresh vegetable juices, or fermented concoctions, healthful beverages can attract customers and drive profits.

  • Global flavors can increase the appeal of health-forward beverages. Nix, located in New York, NY, offers three fresh and exotic house-made sodas such as Pear & Cardamom, Blackberry & Juniper, and Meyer Lemon and Star Anise.
  • The wholesomeness and freshness of purées can help captivate health-conscious customers. Cienfuegos, located in New York, offers a Cienfuegos Colada mocktail containing coconut purée, pineapple, lime, and cinnamon.
  • According to Datassential, kombucha (fermented tea) has grown 52% on menus in the past year. Roam Burgers, with locations throughout CA, trains its front-of-house to educate diners on the health benefits of kombucha, offering its on-tap ginger-berry flavor for customers to sample.