Bold Beets


Prized for their versatility and unique texture, color, and flavor, beets of all colors and varieties are showing up on menus in surprising ways. Whether they’re golden, dark red, or boast beautiful red and white rings like heirloom Chioggia beets, this versatile vegetable is trending on menus. From tortillas, burgers, and noodles, to juices, smoothies, and pizza crusts, use beets to add plant-based pizzazz to your offerings.

On the Menu:

  • With locations across New York, Virginia, and Washington D.C., The Little Beet serves beets in creative applications such as beet hummus, vegan beet falafel, beet slaw, and beet salad.
  • Fig & Olive, located in New York, California, Illinois, Texas, and D.C., offers a menu item appropriately named “Mosaic of Vegetables” featuring golden beets, baby carrot carpaccio, ricotta, lemon thyme, micro-cilantro, and pistachio dressing.
  • The Little Beet Table in NY and Chicago, IL, serves beet soda made with beets, oranges, pineapples, and club soda, as well as beet-lime flavored kombucha. Beyond beverages, they feature beets in a dish containing mushroom and beet tartare with sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes) and radishes.
  • Shake Shack, founded by previous Maines Food Show special guest Danny Meyer, combines roasted beets, brown rice, and black beans to create their infamous veggie burger. The addition of vegan mustard-mayo helps broaden the appeal of this beet-forward burger.

Serve with Ease:

Save time and labor by using pre-cooked, ready-to-prepare beets. Maines offers all-natural sous vide-style beets that are vacuum-packed and ready to use. No added colors or preservatives.

Cooked Beets

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