Bold Bottarga


An Italian specialty, bottarga is salted, cured fish roe with a dry texture. It can be sliced or ground and is usually sprinkled on top of dishes such as pasta, potatoes, and other neutral bases to add a briny flavor.

On the Menu

  • Missy Robin’s restaurant Misi, located in Brooklyn, NY, serves a variety of unique pasta dishes including sheep’s milk ricotta-filled occhi topped with bottarga and lemon.
  • Los Angeles, CA restaurant, Felix, enhances the flavors of a simple spaghetti dish with bottarga di muggine (grey mullet), garlic, and parsley.
  • Una Pizza Napoletana, located in New York, NY, serves Asparagus Banchi (chilled white asparagus) topped with bottarga and cured egg yolk.
  • New York restaurant, Frenchette, serves a Spaghetti Bottarga hors d’oeuvre that contains whole wheat pasta laced with bottarga, espelette pepper, and lemon.


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