better burger- starts with the bun

Build a Better Burger : Starting with the Bun

Any good burger starts off with a good base: the bread. When a burger is presented, chances are the first thing the diner will see is the bread, so it’s important to make a good first impression. Consumers are becoming more discriminating than ever before and demanding sophisticated breads such as brioche, lavash and more. Also, any type of customization to a burger is a good thing; chefs have started to augment buns in different ways.

Spice it up with custom blends, such as mixed peppercorns and garlic-herb or go global with za’atar. Go beyond sesame seeds with flax, chia, sunflflower, pepita or poppy seeds. Give buns some shine with an egg glaze. Bun selections from Brickfire, Euro-Bake, and Bakery de France allow Maines to provide a wide variety of options for your burgers like brioche, ciabatta, and other artisan-style buns that are wildly popular right now.

Even with high interest in gluten-free, paleo, and just healthier options in general, bread is still an essential component of a burger. Options such as a multigrain or whole-grain bun will cater to health-conscious consumers. And who says it has to be bread? Some operators are thinking out of the bread box with sweet and savory combinations, such as doughnuts and waffles – a twist on the chicken and waffles dish – swapping in for the bread. Such creative mashups are resonating with  diners, even if they are more fad than trend. Think ramen burgers!