build a better burger- the right patty

Build a Better Burger: Beef It Up – Or Not

Beef is still a go-to option when it comes to burgers and with the better burger movement, there are plenty of premium options. Today’s consumer is highly educated and conscious about the
quality and origin of their beef so it will be important to differentiate the type of meat you’re using on your menu.

Beef is graded in two ways: by quality (tenderness, juiciness and flavor) and yield (the amount of usable lean meat). Prime comes from young, well-fed beef cattle. Generally sold in restaurants and hotels, it has lots of marbling (i.e., flavor). Choice is still high quality but has less marbling than prime. A third option, Select beef, is uniform in quality and leaner, lacking the marbling and hence some of the juiciness and flavor.

Other defining beef characteristics such as grass-fed or antibiotic free will draw in customers looking for healthier, more environmentally friendly beef choices. Custom-grinds or blends appeal to those looking for more innovative and high-end options such as short rib Wagyu beef. Maines’ specialty blends from our Just-In-Time Fresh Meat Program are the ticket for making a truly artisan burger.

Choose from blends made with ground brisket, local Pennsylvania beef, Tajima Kobe, and even ground dry-aged beef. Or, get an excellent blend of short rib and chuck or the best ground fresh lamb on the market.