2015 Food Show

How to Make Fresh Pasta in Minutes

Fabio Making Fresh pasta

Chef Fabio Viviani shows us how easy it is to make fresh pasta for your restaurant with our Chef Demo at the 2015 Maines Food Show. Watch the full Chef Demo Video here: Chef Demo Highlights Making pasta by hand is very labor intensive and time consuming. By using a food processor, you can make fresh pasta from scratch in ...

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Words of Wisdom from Chef Fabio Viviani

Chef Fabio Viviani is always on-point. At this year’s food show, he provided a powerful keynote speech pulling from his 25+ years of experience in the restaurant industry. Read on for some of the most important takeaways. 1) Focus on small daily achievements. Make a list of the 5-10 things you want to change or fix about your business and ...

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Trends that Matter with Technomic’s Bob Goldin

Food trends change so rapidly that they’re extremely difficult to keep up with. Therefore, Bob Goldin says it’s better to put your focus on long-term trends instead. The market is truly changing and this is a good time to invest in new concepts that will meet consumer demand. You need to accelerate a move to “food with a story” and ...

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