How to Build The Perfect Smoothie

kale smoothie

Use this simple guide below to put together the perfect smoothie! Sweet & Spice Sweeteners like honey, agave, or maple syrup used in the featured recipe satisfy the sweet tooth. Spices and extracts like cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla will balance out the flavors of the ingredients in the smoothie. Frozen Fruit Fruit plays the biggest role in the smoothie’s flavor. ...

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How to Cook With Coffee And Tea

cooking with coffee

The number of coffee and tea connoisseurs is about equal to the number of wine devotees, and just like wine these beverages add depth to any dish. The flavor notes of coffee add a robust, earthy flavor to both sweet and savory dishes, and tea creates grassy, herbal, sweet, and even smoky flavors in a dish. Cooking with coffee and ...

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Emerging Kitchen Technologies

Chefs have been incorporating technology into their craft using induction, convection, pressure, water vapor, vacuums, and water baths for a few decades now, but the advancements have been enjoyed largely by institutions, processors and ultra-high end restaurants. Just like tech advances in our everyday lives like smartphones, automated checkouts, and micro-computers, kitchen tech advancement has come so far that it ...

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Offering a Non-Traditional Lent Menu

For restaurants, Lent is an opportune time to adapt menus to customers’ needs and test drive new items for limited time offers (LTOs) that could possibly become permanent. It’s also a popular time for seafood offerings, but demand for non-seafood options has grown, according to a survey by GrubHub. Seafood has been a go-to choice for restaurants but with vegetables ...

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It’s All About Oysters

With their hard rock-like shells that are incredibly difficult to open, it’s a wonder people ever got the notion to eat oysters. But eat them we have, since prehistoric times. There are oyster farms in Europe that have been in use since the peak of the Roman Empire. VARIETIES While there are hundreds of varieties of oysters, there are only ...

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Dessert For Two

Sweeten Deals for Valentine’s Day For restaurants, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest and busiest nights with couples planning to wine and dine their significant other. With Valentine’s Day falling on a weekend this year, romantics looking to rendezvous will want to make the most out of it, with some opting to go on a different day than the ...

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Focus on Fusion this Valentine’s Day

It’s the Ideal Occasion for Pairing Up the Unexpected Everyone knows an odd couple: Polar opposites who make the perfect pair. When creating your Valentine’s Day menu, take an unconventional approach to matchmaking and pair up textures, flavors, and ingredients from different culinary traditions. Your goal should be a menu that’s full of surprising twists, but not too “out there.” ...

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The Deconstructed Cannoli

deconstructed cannoli

What’s more romantic than sharing? Here’s a dessert idea to roll out for Valentine’s Day and then keep on the menu happily ever after. Cannoli Chips and Dip, The Deconstructed Cannoli, The Holy Cannoli…whatever you want to call it, it’s new, cool, easy to sell and profitable across the board! Better yet, its fast and easy to make! Here’s how: ...

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3 Ways to Boost Restaurant Sales During Football Season

Every year, the NFL’s loyal fans follow the season from September through the big game in February. Those football fanatics are always looking for a place to watch the game. So what can you do to take advantage of potential customers and how is your establishment going to keep them coming back for another game? Here are 3 ways to ...

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How to Implement Large Plate Meals in Your Restaurant

Move over small plates! The rapidly growing large plate trend caters to the desires of both chefs and customers, and it’s popping up on menus everywhere. For the customer, the benefits include a high value dining experience, elimination of ordering decisions, and a socially rich atmosphere that millennials and Gen Z’s crave. For the operator, large plate meals allow precise ...

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