Dining Trends: Pork Profiling


Technomic’s “Spotlight on Center of the Plate” report revealed that 66% of people who enjoy pork and beef are choosing to eat pork at least once a week! Pork’s unlimited versatility, affinity for seasonal produce pairings, comfort style cooking techniques, and reasonable price point has chefs pouncing on this rare merchandising and margin opportunity. “We sell everything but the oink!” ...

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Maines Joins Markon for Annual Chef Summit

Chef Summit

Foodservice chefs across the country stepped out of their kitchens into fields and packing facilities to learn about the produce they use, and collaborate on new ways to integrate produce on menus through Markon Cooperative’s second annual Chef Summit. The Chef Summit, held in Monterey, California, brought together 22 chefs from Markon’s seven foodservice members and foodservice operators, including our ...

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Prairie Creek Pork


Pork’s versatility can easily be translated across establishments from diners and family-style businesses to country clubs or fine-dining restaurants. Pork lends itself well to traditional cooking methods like roasting but it is also an approachable staple in many ethnic cuisines such as Hispanic, South East Asian, and Mediterranean. Guaranteed tender pork offerings from Prairie Creek exceed expectations for any application ...

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Ultimate Fried Chicken Sandwich

A sandwich should speak to customers before they even take a bite. Offerings like this chicken sandwich do just that. Your eye travels from the buttery brioche bun, to the mouthwatering garlic and honey aioli sauce and spicy hot cherry peppers and then makes an epic landing on the fluffy, pickle-brined, deep-fried chicken breast. Incorporating high-quality ingredients into your sandwich ...

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ServiSolutions: An Opportunity is Brewing


Sixty percent of Americans drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee each day. If you aren’t offering coffee, you’re letting potential customers and profits pass you by. Consumers are crunched for time and seeking quick and quality drink options. As the thermometer dips, this is the ideal time to consider implementing a hot beverage program or upgrading  your current ...

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Chocolate-Bananas Foster Donut Bread Pudding

Following food trends is critical in keeping up with consumer demands. Donuts are a go-to comfort food that have become a huge trend, showing up in milkshakes, pies, cakes, and more. Add this popular pastry to desserts for an innovative mash-up that will create new buzz on your menu. Housemade desserts show off a restaurant’s uniqueness and style. A well-made-from-scratch ...

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