Build a Better Burger

build a better burger

Food trends may come and go, but a burger never goes out of style. If anything, it has become more sophisticated over the years – and love for it among guests hasn’t faded. Th e burger’s popularity is in part thanks to increased availability and variety of high-quality customization options, which are particularly appealing to younger generations like Millennials. Even ...

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A Look at Food Trends

food service trends

COCONUT CRAZE The popularity of coconut has continued with mentions on menus growing 2.9% year-over-year. Customers love it for its nutritional value and natural, tropical flavor. Applications: • Sear, sauté and pan-fry proteins such as fish and vegetables in coconut oil to give dishes a tropical spin. • Use coconut milk to braise shellfish such as clams and mussels and ...

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Beverages and Beyond

As the demand for soda decreases, there is an increased opportunity for innovative beverage options. Restaurants can take a page from the revival of handcrafted cocktails and draw inspiration to create something exciting for today’s customers. Mock cocktails and handcrafted beverages aren’t just for children and those abstaining from alcohol but anyone looking for an alternative to mass-produced sugary drinks. ...

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Spring Trend: Hot & Bold!

hot chili pepper

Whether diners are attracted for health reasons or the delicious, addictive properties of chile peppers, the result is the same: an increased demand for spicy recipes in all day parts (even the bar!) • Give crunchy, charred cabbage and green onions a bump of fiery flavor with the Korean favorite gochujang sauce. • Flavors like Ancho, Chipotle, Habanero, and Jalapeno ...

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Why Mocktails Matter

Whenever I’m out dining with friends and the initial drink order comes around to me, a hush always falls over the table and the server’s mouth falls agape when I ask, “What can you offer without alcohol?” It’s hard not to feel like a social outcast because the answers invariably smack of a patronizing “Duh?” kind of tone; “Welllll…we have ...

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Beverage Solutions

The popularity of soda is diminishing, giving beverage service a new opportunity for wide-open interpretation. While handcrafted cocktails are in the midst of a revival, mock cocktails offer something exciting for today’s consumers and those who desire a non-alcoholic selection. Using ingredients like vinegar shrubs, fruit, herbs and spices, mock cocktails can be enhanced by a host of in-house complements. ...

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Spring Trend: Thai It On

bok choy

Thai food has been marginally trendy from coast to coast for decades, but these flavors have never been major influencers to the wider industry. Is 2016 the year this producecentric, bold-flavored cuisine rises in the ranks? Many predict that this is the breakout year for Thai-style preparations and sauces. The high notes in this cuisine tend to be either sweet ...

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Spring Trend : Smashing Cucumbers

Beyond the pickle craze (which has been a big trend itself for the last few years), cucumbers themselves are enjoying a heyday with their refreshing flavor, crunchy texture, and wide versatility. • Smashing cucumbers rather than slicing (like the method used with garlic cloves) is a normal way to prepare them in many parts of Asia; the technique removes the ...

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Spring Trend: Hybrid Burgers

The beloved American favorite, the hamburger, has never actually contained ham…but today’s in-demand versions may include beets, lentils, mushrooms, or sweet potatoes. Replacing a percentage of beef with roasted, ground mushrooms lowers fat content and adds high-impact umami notes. Roasted, finely chopped beets add more than flavor. They give meaty burgers brilliant ruby red hues and plenty of beta carotene. ...

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