Trends: Breakfast of Champions and More!

Pickled Trends

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS The morning meal is a segment that continues to grow, and with consumers interested in fresh and healthy, this is a good opportunity to incorporate vegetables. Datassential reports fresh produce plays a role in any well-balanced breakfast. • Roast vegetables before adding into omelets to add caramelization and sweetness. • Top on-trend bowls with greens. • Bulk ...

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Housemade Desserts

In an age when desserts are returning to basics, there is something special, wholesome, and intriguing about an ice cream sandwich. Gone are the days of extravagant pastries with over-the-top presentations — in today’s restaurant, chefs are retooling traditional techniques to create desserts that represent both simplicity and decadence. Cookies, pies, and simple cakes or cobblers are much more accessible ...

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Trend – Filipino Flavors

Asian cuisines have enjoyed a long ride at the top of the trend table. Now it seems the Phillipines is getting its time in the limelight. From lumpia to green mangoes, banana ketchup, and annatto seeds, chefs and menu planners are incorporating both traditional and modern fusion takes on this bold style of cooking. Lumpia are usually deep-fried, similar to ...

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Summer Trend – Leafy Grain Salads

leafy grain salad

Hearty whole grains such as bulgur, buckwheat, freekeh, quinoa, and wheat berries used to be reserved for fall and winter salads or sides, but with increased focus on areas like nutrition, protein, and texture, these ingredients are being combined with leafy greens year-round. Bitter bok choy, sweet apples, and toothsome quinoa make a colorful, crunchy salad fit for any menu. ...

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Local, Organic and Fresh


Many restaurants are incorporating organic, local foods into their menus and enjoying increased sales and positive feedback from customers. Why can’t this happen in your establishment? The most common resistance I hear is, “we’re not that kind of place,” “my customers won’t go for that fancy stuff,” or “local/organic ingredients are too expensive.” I used to say all of those ...

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Ways to Kick Up Your Entree Salads

Kicked Up Salads

With the increasing focus on healthy menu offerings and produce-based options, you may want to take a look at your salad selection to make sure you have an array of tempting entrée salads that your customers can order for lunch or a light, wholesome dinner. And that doesn’t mean adding a chef salad to the menu and calling it a ...

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Heirloom Vegetables 101

fiddlehead ferns

Most people think of tomatoes when they think of heirloom vegetables, but any kind of vegetable you’ve eaten has an heirloom variety. So what is an heirloom vegetable anyway? Though the exact definition can vary depending on whom you ask, generally, an heirloom vegetable is a variety that is at least 50 years old and grown from seeds passed down ...

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Local Produce

Local foods continue to trend upward and produce is at the center of this consumer devotion. Fresh, high-quality produce is the most authentic item on your menu, especially when it originated on a local farm. Maines partners with local farmers allowing you to take advantage of fresh local produce that’s perfect for making dishes from scratch. Creating signature house-made syrups ...

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Microgreens on Your Menu


Aptly named because they taste just like their bigger counterparts, microgreens are a form of young, edible greens. The young, tender crops are grown to the first true leaf stage and harvested as seedlings. They also grow quickly; seeds are planted and grown in soil or a soil substitute and are ready to harvest in 7-14 days. Arugula, beets, radish, ...

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