Cauliflower is Cool, Mad About Matcha, and Other Trends

While kale is still a top-selling produce item, cauliflower has taken its place as the “it” vegetable. From pizza crusts to grilled “steaks,” this cruciferous vegetable is ubiquitous.
• Cook Indian style with potatoes and spices for aloo gobi.
• Purée to make creamy, non-dairy soups.
• Fry and serve with garlic aioli for a satisfying starter.
• Roast whole for a shareable dish for large groups; it makes for a great presentation and its blank canvas quality makes it extremely versatile in terms of flavor profiles.

One of the hottest food trends is to minimize waste. Imperfect produce makes perfectly good dishes. There is no difference in flavor – but making the most of it will make a difference for your budget.
• After juicing carrots, use the pulp for veggie burgers.
• Zest citrus fruits before juicing or use peels for infusions.
• Spiralize “ugly” vegetables into noodles.
• Use vegetables that are past their prime to make a vegetarian demi-glace; you can use whatever you have on hand but make sure to have a balance of sweet and savory vegetables – too much sweetness can result in a syrupy demi.

This antioxidant-packed, bright orange rhizome is this year’s super spice. Turmeric, which comes from a root similar to ginger, has been getting a lot of attention as a superfood and is said to be one of the healthiest foods with a long history of being used as a traditional medicine.
• Add to fresh juices and smoothies.
• Incorporate into rice to brighten up the color or use it in any dish that could use a punch of color.
• Since it’s fat soluble, maximize turmeric by cooking with fats such as coconut milk in curries.

Used in Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries, matcha, which means “powdered tea,” comes from the tencha leaf and is made into powder. In contrast to green tea, the whole leaf is consumed. It’s also seen as a nutritional powerhouse, and according to one study it boasts antioxidants.
• Incorporate into desserts such as ice cream or soufflés.
• Use in beverages from nonalcoholic (combine with lemonade for a twist on the Arnold Palmer) to boozy (add to mojitos).
• Incorporate with nuts to create a crust for fish and other proteins.