cheese breakfast sandwiches

Cheesy Breakfast Sandwiches

A breakfast sandwich is typically made showcasing any type of bread, egg, protein, vegetable, and cheese. Breakfast sandwiches speak directly to both consumer needs and wants for value and portability, as well as operator goals of a high-margin menu item.

It is also a great opportunity to get creative with innovative ingredient pairings. Chefs can focus on regional varieties, or experiment with ethnic trends. But it is the addition of cheese
that makes the breakfast sandwich so delicious.

Gooey, creamy, and generally delicious, melted cheese seems to wield the power to make us eat more of just about anything. Did you know that Americans eat 39 pounds of cheese per year? While the classic American cheese melts beautifully on a sandwich, try experimenting with some different cheeses to create new flavor sensations. Cheddar, brie, goat, gruyere, parmesan, pecorino, feta, ricotta.