Quick-Start Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

Once considered a coffee-house exclusive, cold brew has emerged as one of the leading categories in coffee sales. In fact, it’s in such high demand that you can find it bottled in almost any grocery chain. Whether your establishment is a refined cafe, fast-casual restaurant, or even a convenience shop, cold brew coffee is a premium opportunity for your beverage program. Maines Servisolutions team makes it quick and easy to get started today.

What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew coffee relies on a unique, heatless brewing method. The key element is time, letting the coffee brew up to fourteen hours at a low temperature. It’s important to note this is different than iced coffee, which is brewed hot and then chilled. The long brew time and slow extraction of flavor results in a smooth drink with less acidity and a sweeter taste.

The Benefits

  • Cold Brew coffee is 62% less acidic than hot-brewed
  • Using cold water to brew retains the mellow notes of the coffee while avoiding the bitterness. This allows for a smoother, tastier brew
  • Attracts health-conscious consumers. Lower acidity levels makes it safer to consumer for customers with sensitive stomachs. Meanwhile, the natural silky feel and sweeter taste reduces the need for additives such as creamers, sweeteners, and syrups.
  • Profitable – as a specialty brew and premium qualities, customers are willing to pay more. Just take a look at the price comparison between a cold brew and iced coffee at Starbucks!
  • Cold brew coffee can stay fresh for up to two weeks when refrigerated


Getting Started with Servisolutions

Maines ServiSolutions offers everything you need to make the perfect cold brew.


Maines offers a unique blend of specialty selected Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee that is artfully roasted in small batches to a medium roast. The coffee is then coarsely ground to achieve the perfect extraction during the cold brew steeping process. Available in convenient 1lb portion bags.

  • Ellis Cold Brew Coffee RFA #038692


  • Cambro 22 Quart Container
  • Nylon Filter Bag (good for 50 brews)
  • Paper Filters (10 pack)

To Brew:

  1. Insert Nylon Filter Bag into Cambro 22 Quart Container.
  2. Fill Paper Filter with Cold Brew Coffee grounds
    3lbs will yield 3.5 gallons. Use 2lbs for a 2 gallon yield
  3. Tie Paper Filter closed and place the filter paper into the nylon filter bag.
  4. Fill brewing container with clean, cold water
    4 gallons of water per 3lbs of coffee, or 2.5 gallons of water for 2lbs coffee
  5. Close the lid and place in refrigerator to brew for 12-14 hours.
  6. Remove the strainer bag containing the grounds from the brewing container and serve!
  7. Can be stored in the refrigerator up to two weeks

To Serve:

Servisolutions can provide your establishment with a specialty cold brew coffee dispenser. These easy-to-use self service stations are clearly labeled to communicate the contents and value to your customers.


For more information on the products described and to start your cold brew program, contact your Maines Territory Manager today!


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