Cold Brew is Getting Hotter

Cold brew coffee is a rapidly evolving segment with menu mentions increasing by 259% over the past four years (Datassential). With companies like Starbucks embracing cold brew, this specialty drink is becoming a hot mainstream beverage that’s here to stay. Attract coffee connoisseurs by infusing coffees, teas, smoothies, and cocktails with flavorful, highly caffeinated cold brew, and accent these beverages with inventive syrups, toppings, and infusions. For more information about starting a cold brew program, contact your Maines Territory Manager.

  • Partners Coffee, a small-batch coffee roaster with five New York locations, showcases its responsibly sourced Brooklyn Cold Brew in its limited-time Cold Brew Crushie containing half-and-half, whole milk, sugar, whipped cream, sprinkles, and an eco-friendly cookie straw.
  • New York restaurant Sonnyboy serves an adult take on cold brew in its “But First, Coffee” cocktail featuring its signature cold brew mixed with Tromba Blanco tequila and del maguey Vida mezcal.
  • The cold brew process is showing up in other beverage platforms such as tea. Cold Brew Milk Tea with Mini Boba (tapioca pearls) is one of the many premium, organic cold-brewed teas served at Alimama, located in Manhattan, NY.
  • From unique cold brew blends to specialty cold brew coffee dispensers, Maines ServiSolutions offers everything you need to make the perfect cold brew. Contact your Maines Territory Manager today to get started.

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