Contemporary Chicken

Contemporary Chicken

Clean, Creative & Cultural

When the chicken industry exploded during the 20th century, poultry farmers sought out ways to produce more meat at a faster rate, resulting in considerably large, antibiotic-filled chickens. In recent years, the process behind mass-produced chickens was unveiled, resulting in a shift in consumer demand to all-natural, antibiotic-free varieties. With this change towards conscientious consumption, chicken, a menu mainstay, is experiencing a renaissance, and consumers are choosing this lean, versatile meat over other protein options. But they won’t settle for any ordinary chicken offering – contemporary consumers want to be wowed with clean label chicken items that feature unique, trend-forward approaches of this familiar protein. Source traceable, natural, clean label chicken products, and showcase them in original offerings to win the trust and loyalty of modern consumers.

Invest in Clean Label & Transparency

Antibiotic- and preservative-packed chickens no longer have a place on menus, and investing in natural ingredients is key to attracting and retaining guests. According to Restaurant Business, 32% of consumers say they would visit a foodservice location less often if natural ingredients aren’t used, while 20% say they would never visit again if that were the case. As increasing numbers of consumers seek natural, minimally processed chicken, Maines can help you source the clean label products that align with customer values. We offer Just BARE®, a line of clean label chicken products featuring all-natural, premium quality chicken that’s never raised with antibiotics or hormones. In a recent report from Datassential, 89% of consumers said they like or love chicken and enjoy it in a wide range of formats. Just BARE offers products at a variety of price points and selections for any category, from breaded fillets and patties to boneless wings and nuggets, as well as fully cooked options. In addition to being clean label, Just BARE’s products are convenient, delicious, and versatile, making excellent bases for inventive flavors and accompaniments.

To build awareness of your clean and healthful offerings, add sourcing details to your menu and arm your front-of-house with ingredient sourcing information to share with guests. Providing diners with educational dining experiences and a detailed menu will put you ahead of the competition and pledge your commitment to serving wholesome foods. Value-driven consumers are also ready to pay more for transparency and clean label products that improve their general wellness, boosting your operation’s profits and making additive-free chicken products a worthy investment.

Healthy & Wholesome

In addition to being a staple for its versatility, chicken’s lean and high protein qualities make it one of the healthiest and most affordable protein options available. Health-conscious consumers are hungry for various chicken applications, and breakfast is the perfect daypart to introduce chicken as a healthier alternative. According to Technomic’s Breakfast Consumer Trend Report, 43% of 18-34-year-old consumers said they would prefer more restaurants to offer chicken choices for breakfast meals. Whether it’s health-forward baked chicken and waffles, spiced-mango chicken sausage, or grilled chicken breakfast naan flatbreads, expand your morning menu with memorable, mouthwatering, responsibly sourced chicken items.

A Familiar Flavor Chameleon

Chicken can be transformed into a multitude of flavor experiences that meet demands for health and environmentally conscious consumers, as well as those seeking globally inspired fare. This lean protein is a blank slate, allowing chefs to draw inspiration from nearly every culture. Its mild flavor is the perfect vehicle for cuisine-bending flavor experiences; try menuing tempura-battered chicken with a trio of adventurous sauces like ginger-plum sauce, Japanese spicy herb Tsukedare (sweet soy sauce), and ponzu mayo. For additional worldly versions, marinate chicken breasts in yogurt and season with Aleppo pepper for a Middle Eastern offering, or try Spanish pintxo (similar to tapas) featuring sherry-serrano pepper chicken skewers with Spanish tomato bread and goat cheese-stuffed piquillo peppers. With origins in Austria, chicken schnitzel is another intriguing way to capture consumers’ attention. See our recipe to create a Peppercorn-Dill Chicken Schnitzel with Creamy Mustard-Gruyère Mornay. Even updating simple chicken applications can make a tremendous difference in customer perception. Consider elevating a classic chicken club sandwich by featuring butter-poached chicken with grilled bacon and dill aioli. As you develop innovative recipes with all-natural versions of this familiar protein, customers will be more open to new, trendy ingredients, adventurous flavor combinations, and unique presentations.

Clean label chicken offers chefs a powerful, versatile sales driver to rely on and an option that consumers can trust. To win over consumers who prioritize health and animal welfare, root your restaurant in transparency and make a cultural and operational commitment to serving clean label chicken options. With the entrance and staying power of clean label chicken, its appeal will only continue to grow, and there are infinite possibilities for exciting customers with this natural, healthful, blank canvas protein.