cooking fish in cast iron

Cooking Fish with Cast Iron

There is nothing quite so wonderful as a perfectly seared piece of fish: Crispy crust on one side, just-barely-done meat in the center. It is one of the great tastes of the world.

Cooking fish in a cast iron skillet has a long tradition in American cooking. Since a cast iron skillet can withstand high temperatures, it is the preferred skillet for frying fish or preparing the many different recipes for blackened fish. A cast iron skillet can be used on the stove top or on a grill to prepare the fish. When you are ready to start cooking, set a cast iron or steel pan (don’t use nonstick, because you can’t cook with these pans over high heat) over high heat for 1-2 minutes. You want it roaring hot.

Blackening meats and fish is a cooking technique commonly associated with Cajun cuisine. Traditionally, a blackening recipe called for red fish, but today this method is used for cooking all types of poultry and seafood.