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Top Plating and Presentation Ideas from the 2015 Maines Food Show

This year at the Maines Food Show we saw a variety of trendy and unique presentation ideas for hors d’oeuvres, drinks and even desserts. Let’s take a look back at some of the most out of the box ideas…

1. Floating Gougère Puffs

These light and airy cheese puffs were carried by balloons in the Atrium of Exit 33.



2. Suspended Bread

Copper pipes have been a popular design trend in both restaurants and home kitchens… artisan breads were hung from a copper pipe structure in the Gig during our Culinary Gala.




3. Clipboard Charcuterie
Artisanal Cheeses and Cured Meats were placed on wax paper and then clipped to a board for a unique charcuterie presentation.

If you want to try on your own, all this took was a small, thin board, an office clip, and a piece of wax paper.

charcuterie clipboard



4. Sushi Hinge Board

Sushi was brought out in the collapsed board, which was then expanded to a 5 ft long tray held by 2 servers.

Make this on your own with a few pieces of wood and a couple of hinges.

sushi hingeboard



5.  Vedge Hedge

Baby Vegetables, Assorted Hummus, Green Goddess Dressing and Pickled Baby Vegetables were displayed in a row for a fresh and natural display.




6. Chef’s Tables

No need for plates when you can eat right off of the table. Various dishes throughout the Food Show were made on silicon sheets that attendees could pick food right off of




7. Ice Bowl /Tilt-a-Skillet Cocktails

Fresh cocktails were muddled and chilled inside this ice mortar before turning and pouring into guests’ glasses.

Ice Bowl /Tilt-a-Skillet Cocktails

8. Mini Cream Soda Floats

Tiny glass bottles were filled with vanilla ice cream and local cream sodas for a simple and fun presentation

mini float