Customer Spotlight: Bite Bakery and Cafe

Doug and Jason Allen, co-owners of Bite Bakery and Café, began their culinary journey taking orders for delicious desserts, pastries, and specialty-baked goods through their home business. When they decided to proceed with a brick and mortar store, business instantly skyrocketed. The commercial space allowed them to produce a larger amount of items at a quicker pace, and also enabled them to grow their team with skilled bakers and chefs. Since Bite Bakery and Café opened, customers have been lining up each morning, eager to indulge in the mouthwatering sweet and savory items the dessert-focused café has to offer.

Bite Bakery and Café is best known for its creative desserts from gourmet cakes and specialty pastries to macarons, cookies, and creampuffs. The French Macarons are by far the most popular item. “These delightful little sandwich cookies are small, but they pack a wonderful flavor profile,” said Doug Allen. Cookies are sold individually and by the pound along with regular or specialty macarons that rotate selections. More of the sweet sensations range from biscotti, cannoli, and cheesecake to pusties, scones, and brownies.

Bite Bakery Desserts

The specialty cakes completely captivate customers with the creative designs, intricate details, vibrant colors, and flawless presentations. The Unicorn Cakes are a customer favorite that are flying out the door – the café receives calls every single day requesting these cakes. Unicorn Cakes are made with customer’s choice of cake and filling with Italian vanilla buttercream, fondant ears, unicorn horn and eyes, and a rainbow mane. They also offer different versions of their Utica Blackout Cake with an iconic pitch-black exterior, chocolate cake, and chocolate cannoli filling with cocoa noir frosting. They off er other cake flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, marble, red velvet, and carrot, and customers can choose Italian or American buttercream frosting, both available in chocolate and vanilla, as well as cream cheese frosting.

The café utilizes social media to show off its sweet works of art. Its Facebook page, which has over 10,000 likes from its devoted customers and followers, displays the café’s exquisite desserts. The posts tempt customers with high-quality photos of strawberry shortcake doughnuts, white chocolate oreo filled cream puff s dipped in dark chocolate ganache, and cake batter cinnamon buns.

Beyond the extensive dessert offerings, Bite Bakery and Café provides an array of health-focused and flavor-packed breakfast and lunch options such as omelets, avocado toast, muffins, parfaits, salads, soups, and gourmet sandwiches. “The Mac” is a popular sandwich featuring creamy mac and cheese and bacon stuffed into a grilled cheese sandwich.

The Allens are grateful to have Maines as their partner. The Allens said, “Maines is a wonderful company that makes ordering and delivery effortless. We are a high-volume bakery, so when we work with a proactive company like Maines, it makes our jobs much easier.”

Bite Bakery Cafe

When Bite Bakery and Café opened, Utica was experiencing a revival and the café greatly contributed to the community’s rebirth. Doug Allen claimed, “The Utica area is heavily influenced by Italian culture, and many restaurants in the area reflect that. When we opened, we knew we wanted to set ourselves apart from the already wonderful Italian bakeries in Utica, NY.” The café has helped breathe life back into downtown Utica with their incredibly friendly and hospitable staff greeting customers as they enter the café’s welcoming, homey atmosphere. A vibrant “BITE” sign welcomes customers, as they immediately sense the trendy, rustic vibe and modern atmosphere. Customers can look just past the ordering counter to see a window to the kitchen, giving them a small glimpse of the enticing house-made confections and delicious savory items being prepared each day. There’s also a beautifully composed mural across one of the walls, depicting chalkboard-like artful illustrations of café items and descriptive words relating to the baked goods that are deeply rooted in the Allen’s journey. The community is extremely supportive and receptive to this concept and eagerly anticipates what creative confections Bite Bakery and Café will craft next.