Customer Spotlight: Lampy’s

Fantastic Food, Familiar Faces, and Superb Service.

Jim McCoy, owner of Lampy’s and Number 5, began his foodservice career working as a dishwasher at Lampy George’s Paradise Restaurant, where he learned the ins and outs of the kitchen. McCoy then worked for the well-known local restaurateur, Guido Iacovelli, where he managed and oversaw several restaurant operations. After years of experience, McCoy was inspired to open a restaurant of his own with classic and original dishes.

Since Lampy’s opened in 2004, they have been providing diners with a casual, fine dining experience. Lampy’s is known for their top-quality, professional service and hospitality. McCoy noted, “Great service will always make up for a bad meal, but a great meal will never make up for bad service.” At Lampy’s, they are continually educating their staff to be better through wine tastings, informational handouts of specials, work ethic, and products to ensure they provide the best service possible. McCoy said, “We make sure every guest is treated like royalty and leaves satisfied and happy. We ensure that our service continues even after the guests leave by staying in touch through email blasts, social media, or even a personalized note.”

Lampy’s current menu offers a variety of dishes that cater to many tastes. Customer favorites include the Lobster Roll made with fresh lobster, house mayonnaise on a split-top toasted roll with arugula and drawn butter, and the Boss’s Steak Sandwich consisting of butter-sautéed pieces of filet  mignon, wild mushrooms, and American cheese. Other popular selections include a Figs and Prosciutto appetizer topped with crumbled bleu cheese that’s baked and drizzled with local honey, and Lampy’s most famous dish, Lampy’s Scampi, consisting of battered and fried jumbo shrimp served in a velvety mushroom Marsala sauce. Utilizing Maines Custom Cut Meat & Seafood program, they receive deliveries two to three times per week to ensure they have the freshest products available. McCoy is currently revamping Lampy’s menu to better cross-utilize products and keep prep time to a minimum, while maintaining an affordable yet versatile selection. They frequently run specials simply to test the market, which has helped in the menu-planning process.

Joe Sheehan, Lampy’s Executive Chef, has been friends with McCoy for 15 years and has worked at both Number 5 and Lampy’s as an executive chef and a sous chef for several years in between. McCoy spoke highly of Sheehan and noted, “The mark of the chef isn’t all of the gold medallions he wears; it’s how good the staff is that works with  him.” Sheehan does an excellent job at Lampy’s and has surrounded himself with a great team. The consistency of the food marks the quality of the chef, and McCoy believes this is what Sheehan flawlessly executes at Lampy’s.

The largest bar menu in town paired with exclusive happy hour promotions has more than tripled Lampy’s business. They find that an increasing number of guests are dining more frequently because of the wide range of bar offerings. Lampy’s wine selection pleases the palate of everyone from new to expert wine drinkers. They try to source as much local wine as possible from surrounding New York wineries. Offering half price wine nights allows their guests to enjoy a new or classic wine at a great discount.

As Lampy’s primary product supplier, Maines makes ordering easy and convenient. Lampy’s appreciates that Maines offers a large variety of products and brands that are efficient and cost-friendly. Chris Moriarty, Lampy’s Maines Territory Manager, was McCoy’s personal assistant before her employment with Maines. McCoy is impressed by her limitless availability and how she is always striving to improve Lampy’s in any way she can. The Lampy’s team believes Maines goes above and beyond to find solutions and ensure Lampy’s is successful.

Lampy’s future involves growing their already large following. They hope to redecorate their establishment, finalize their new and improved dinner menu, and continue to be the place to go for all occasions in their community.

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