Customer Spotlight: Simply Crêpes

With a focus on a selective cuisine with superior flavor, Simply Crêpes specializes in the ultimate, savory and sweet brunch choice: crêpes. With a made-from-scratch menu, Simply Crêpes utilizes seasonal ingredients while creatively incorporating a crêpe in, on, or accompanying every dish. The concept of the Heroux family restaurant, Simply Crêpes, stemmed from their experiences while living in Japan in the 90’s. There, they discovered that many establishments focused on one type of cuisine and concentrated on perfecting the best quality dish. Crêpes were a staple in their household, crafting crêpe recipes with and without sugary ingredients to utilize throughout different mealtimes.

Brunch is the forte at Simply Crêpes where the crêpe acts as the delicate and savory vehicle to serve customers a variety of creative, hearty, and sweet flavors. A broad range of variations is served, including twists on familiar dishes like eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs and bacon, and Croque Madame – all served in delicious crêpes. The brunch menu also features espresso drinks, mimosas, Bloody Marys, and fresh juices. Customer favorite items change throughout the year as seasonal ingredients are incorporated into dishes to reflect local farmers, flavors, and seasonal family recipes. Popular breakfast or brunch selections include the Simply Breakfast Crêpe featuring scrambled eggs, New York State Cheddar cheese, and premium maple sausage. For lunch or dinner, the Chicken Cordon Bleu Crêpe entices diners, while the Caramel Apple Crêpe, filled with an apple pie family recipe, takes the cake for the customers’ favorite dessert. Catering options are available with offerings for breakfast meetings, party platters, lunch boxes, and hot lunches. They also offer signature crêpe cakes boasting 25 layers of sweetness that can be customized and ordered in advance.

As a unique restaurant that serves an entire menu featuring crêpes in a full service, family friendly dining environment, Simply Crêpes exhibits a country cottage ambiance with an open kitchen, rustic flooring, chandeliers, and a cozy fireplace. One of their core values is delivering extraordinary hospitality and translating this concept through every aspect of their restaurant. Simply Crêpes has three locations: Canandaigua, NY, Pittsford, NY, and Raleigh, NC. It’s not only a desirable place to dine for its positive energy and quaint locations, but also their individuality and quality standards for serving the best tasting crêpes make it second to none.

The Heroux family believes Maines plays a huge role in their success. They value Maines as a true partner and a family business run by great people who are passionate about their work, their colleagues, and their customers. Simply Crêpes is impressed with the Maines sales team who are always working to find new ways to help improve their restaurant. Along with Chef Eamon Lee, CEC, the team offers details on flavor trends in the industry and ways they can reorganize their menu to make it current and innovative. In 2015, after visiting the test kitchen in Syracuse, NY and collaborating on new recipes, the Maines sales team and Chef Eamon also helped rebrand the Simply Crêpes menu from 10 pages to a single-page format that is much more modern. Better menu management has allowed them to operate more efficiently and has had a positive effect on profitability.

The Heroux family strongly believes that flavor brings people together and plays a role in shaping our lives. They always aim to deliver exceptional hospitality, while ensuring that everything on the menu has a purpose and conveys a story. The Herouxes receive the most joy from combining tastes through food, wine, spices, and trends that produce unique profiles and experiences for diners. Nicole Heroux, director of sales and business development, is constantly researching trending culinary flavors alongside her mother, Karen Heroux, co-founder and CEO, to develop new and creative specialty items. With a sharp focus on the beloved crêpe, Simply Crêpes continues to evolve, unearthing trendy, delicious, and creative ways to present their signature dish.

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