Dairy-Free Frenzy: Oat Milk

Oat milk is one of the trendiest dairy-free and nut-free milk substitutes. It’s soaring popularity already resulted in a brief shortage in New York. More sustainable than other milk alternatives and higher in protein and fiber, at milk captivates consumers with its environmentally-friendly attributes and health-benefiting qualities. Serve a broader range of customers by capitalizing on this creamy, dairy-free and nut-free beverage craze.

On the Menu

  • OatMeals in New York, NY, presents customers with a build-your-own oatmeal experience that includes oat milk complemented with dried fruits, nuts and seeds, spices, and sweet and savory toppings.
  • Marisol Restaurant and Bar, located in Chicago, IL, serves sunflower granola with fruit, mint, and oat milk. Customers can also accompany their granola with oat milk hot chocolate.
  • With locations in Colorado, Illinois, and Washington D.C., The Protein Bar & Kitchen offers an array of signature house-made beverages include the “Big Date,” containing dates, cocoa nibs, banana, vanilla whey protein, and oat milk

Get started with your own signature recipes or simply serve ready-to-drink with Planet Oat oat milk available in four flavors.

Maines Paper & Food Service
Item #
Original Oat Milk 6 / 52oz #045741
Extra Creamy Oat Milk 6 / 52oz #045746
Vanilla Oat Milk 6 / 52oz #045748
Dark Chocolate Oat Milk 6 / 52oz #045747

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