Donuts: Dessert of the Year

Donuts have been named the dessert of 2019 by restaurant and hospitality consulting firm Andrew Freeman & Co. Technomic Inc. has also indicated that donuts are one of the fastest-growing desserts on restaurant menus. Chefs are elevating this cost-effective treat with unexpected savory flavors, ethnic twists, intriguing textures, and nostalgic elements that create eye-catching, premium offerings.

  • The Cookery, an Italian restaurant in Dobbs Ferry, NY, takes unexpected to the next level with its sweet-savory “doughnut” offering, showcasing a traditional glazed donut filled with smoked pig’s head, barbeque onion, pickles, basil, and a spicy maple dressing.
  • New York City’s Doughnut Project has a unique selection of donuts that emphasizes trendy industry concepts. Its house-favorite “Those Beetz are Dope” donut is filled with ricotta whip and topped with beet glaze. Its specialty “Bone Marrow Chocolate & Clementine” donut is stuffed with bone marrow-chocolate pastry cream and topped with a clementine glaze.
  • Alimama Tea, located in Manhattan, NY, menus mochi donuts, naturally gluten-free Korean-inspired treats made with rice flour, and offers flavors including brûlée, cereal, and matcha. Watch how to make our own Chef Jonathon’s award-winning Gluten-Free Blackberry-Filled Mochi Donuts with Blueberry Glaze recipe on our Maines YouTube channel!

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