How to Enhance Your Restaurant’s Yelp Profile

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your business page that will help take your Yelp presence to the next level.

  1. Update Your Key Information
    • First and foremost, the information on Yelp has been put there by your customers, so make sure all of this information is accurate:
    • Name and Business Category
    • Address and Phone Number
    • Link to Your Website
    • Menu
    • Yelp has added a new menu feature so you can list your menu offerings. Each review is now linked to any dish that is mentioned within it, and reviewers can also upload pictures of your food.
    • Quality Pictures
    • Include pictures of the inside and outside of your restaurant, your food and even your staff.
    • Additional Information
    • List hours, parking, outdoor seating, reservations, delivery, and anything that sets you apart! The more information, the better.
    • About Your Business
    • Yelp provides an area for business owners to write about specialties, restaurant history, etc.
  2. Let Your Pictures Tell a Story
  3. Leverage Reviews Outside of Yelp
  4. Be Subtle When Asking for Reviews
  5. Respond to Your Reviews
  6. Use Your Yelp Dashboard

Using all of these free features to your advantage will help develop your Yelp presence. Yelp does offer some paid features, and while I don’t believe any business needs to pay to drive engagement, there are a few unique benefits such as having competitor’s ads removed from your business page. But before jumping into any paid advertising, it’s important to that your business page is at its full potential. In most cases you will see more engagement on your Yelp page just by following these steps.