New Issue of Essence: Apples & Charcuterie

In the spirit of our “Basics Done Better” theme, this edition of Essence focuses on charcuterie and apples, two items that offer huge potential for your business. In these pages we talk about how they can expertly invigorate a menu and convey increased quality and value to your customers.
As fall arrives, and apples find their way onto menus, you can easily set yourself apart by using New York’s bounty of apples, which grows more than any other state. With flavor profiles that range from sweet to tart, and crisp to juicy, there are varieties to suit any application. Get the scoop on the big apples of New York on page 14 and then get some tips for utilizing apples across your whole menu on page 30. We also deconstruct an apple pie on pages 20-21 with Chef Eamon Lee, CEC, finding ways to make this basic dessert better.
The charcuterie movement is a durable trend that complements other popular dining styles like shared plates and communal eating. The artisanal craftsmanship that goes into making charcuterie items is the kind of culinary effort that savvy customers are looking for. Building an appetizing board is easy with our guide on pages 28-29 and you can even make your charcuterie seasonal with apple-themed ideas on page 24.

Adding charcuterie to your menu may seem overwhelming but as your partner, Maines makes it easy to get the products you need to put together a board that will appeal to customers. We work with brands like Atalanta to bring you the best meats and cheeses from around the world. And what’s a charcuterie board without the board? We’ve partnered with World Tableware® for displays that are as durable as they are beautiful. Read more about them on page 27.

This issue of Essence magazine is just one of the many ways Maines can help grow your business. Find inspiration in its pages and we’ll be here to help you turn those ideas into a reality. Let’s innovate together. Tell a story with your ingredients.


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