fish taco trend

Don’t Miss the Boat on Fish Tacos

Last year, Technomic reported that the incidence of fish tacos on restaurant menus was up 22.5%.

Restaurant Hospitality says that you are missing the boat on a key profit opportunity if you’re not selling fish tacos at your casual or midscale restaurant. They are one of the hottest restaurant trends. Customers love them because they are loaded with fresh and healthful ingredients, and operators can menu them at a modest price point for high profitability.

When looking at fish entrées, very few include a cheese component when compared to other proteins such as chicken or beef, but fish tacos are the primary dish that does include cheese. The most popular cheeses used for fish tacos include cheddar, American, parmesan, jack, mozzarella, and bleu cheese.

Where is the biggest opportunity?

Lunch! 64% of casual restaurant customers surveyed say that if they were offered more grilled fish/seafood sandwiches, they’d eat at casual restaurants more frequently at lunch. But only 36% of restaurants tracked by Datassential describe the fish in their fish taco as “grilled.” You seldom see a particular menu opportunity spelled out in such clear detail by research. Why not make the most of this one?