The Flavor Gap: Your Independent Advantage

Singles don’t feel so lucky on Valentine’s Day, but independent restaurants have an advantage over the chains when it comes to capitalizing on the current “multi-ethnic flavor trend.” According to Baum & Whiteman International Food and Restaurant Consultants, the chains can’t deliver the complex global flavor profiles the customers are craving today, because by nature, chains are “compelled to serve the fewest number of items to the greatest number of people” use your ability to constantly create innovative flavor combinations to your advantage…

Areas of interest
Types of Cuisine Topping the Charts of an NRA What’s Hot Chef Survey.

Mix and match flavors, textures and ingredients from the following culinary traditions to capitalize on the “multi-ethnic” trend. Interestingly, Peruvian cuisine was tied with fusion cuisine as the number-one ethnic cuisine, proving that customers truly want the whole world on a plate.

  1. Peruvian
  2. Cuban
  3. American Regional
  4. Southeast Asian (Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian
  5. North African/Maghreb
  6. Korean
  7. Latin American
  8. Mediterranean
  9. Nordic/Scandinavian
  10. Middle Eastern