The Flavors of Israel

The restaurant and hospitality consultants at Andrew Freeman & co. declared Israeli cuisine as the cuisine of the year for 2018. Lending itself to sweet and savory applications, Israeli fare works well with a vast number of signature flavors that can help make any operation stand out.


  • Nur, located in New York, nods to modern Israeli and Jewish cuisine serving a variety of plates including date doughnuts, honey and garlic challah with cured onion and crème fraîche, and Jerusalem sesame bagels with za’atar and lima bean messbaha.
  • Philadelphia restaurant, Zahav, showcases Israel’s cultural heritage with authentic flavors in their baked-to-order laffa bread and chicken shishlik with sumac, charred onion, harif, and fava beans.
  • Capitalize on the customization trend by offering customers their choice of falafel flavors such as beet and chickpea, or sweet potato paired with imaginative sauces or traditional hummus, tabbouleh, and tahini.