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The Return of Classic French Cuisine

  In recent years, the trends have skewed toward small, shareable plates; all things locally sourced and seasonally inspired; and authentic ethnic cuisine that packs bold flavors. At the same time, the megatrend of casualization has taken over the industry, making the dining experience more communal and less white tablecloth. So in a world of seasonal, hyperlocal fusion small plates, ...

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Duck Takes Flight on Menus


Today’s guests are becoming increasingly educated on food, prompting higher expectations for dining experiences. They want to know where their food comes from, the story behind it, and if it’s locally sourced and prepared with care. They’re looking for authenticity and craftsmanship, but above all, they want it to be flavorful. To satisfy these demands, a high-quality protein that is ...

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Chef’s Corner: Maximizing the Versatility of Sweet Corn

Nothing speaks to fresh, local, and seasonal better than sweet corn in the summer. Locally, this remarkable ancient crop is abundant in July and August. There are five main types grown around the world: pod corn, the least known variety found in South and Central America; popping corn that originated in Peru; Indian corn that was cultivated by Native Americans; ...

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Prime Your Menu with Pennsylvania Peaches

With the abundance of nearby peach producers, buying local from Produce Express is extremely advantageous, offering tree-ripe (allowed to ripen on the tree) peaches at their optimum flavor with fewer bruises and blemishes due to shorter traveling distances. As peach season reaches its prime, and with the highest quality peaches available right in our backyard, make sure you’re planning ahead ...

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