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Seafood Stews

Seafood stew makes sense for your menu, both from a customer demand and food cost perspective. It’s an opportunity to showcase a myriad of seafood and get creative while maximizing value through full product utilization. And, with a nod toward classical cooking techniques, everything from fish bones to shrimp shells can be used when creating seafood stews, extracting every last ...

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Fare with Flair: Hispanic-Inspired Seafood Dishes

According to the National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot report, ethnic food and global cuisine is one of the top trends of 2017. Under global flavor trends, Latin American flavors weighed in at No. 5. Adventurous, younger diners are driving this interest and customers are more worldly and sophisticated in general. Street food, especially Mexican-inspired, is also attractive to diners looking ...

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A Gulp of the Sea: Maines Top Selling Oysters

East Coast vs. West Coast Oysters The main difference between east and west coast oysters is their origin and species. East coast oysters tend to have smoother shells with rounded edges and a crisp and brinier taste while west coast oysters have jagged edges and offer sweeter, earthier flavors. Farm vs. Wild Oysters Wild oysters aren’t touched before they’re harvested, ...

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Breakfast & Brunch: Deconstructed

brunch deconstructed

The Meat of the Matter According to Technomic’s Breakfast Consumer Trend Report, 75% of consumers say a breakfast item’s ability to satiate them until lunch is highly important. With this in mind, protein, whether it’s plant-based or meat-centric, should play a role in your breakfast offerings. Eggs, sausage, and bacon reign as the most preferred breakfast proteins. But today’s diners ...

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2017 Dish of the Year: The Breakfast Sandwich

breakfast sandwich

Restaurant and hospitality consultants Andrew Freeman & Co. crowned the breakfast sandwich the dish of the year for 2017 because of its appeal beyond breakfast, extending to all-day menus. From classics like the Monte Cristo to the Croque Monsieur, you can easily leverage the popularity and versatility of the breakfast sandwich by adding your own unique stamp. Almost every operation ...

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Sharpen Your Breakfast Skillet Skills

Skillets, hashes, or skillet hashes: No matter what you call them, this versatile and hearty dish is crucial to your breakfast or brunch menu. While corned beef hash or a classic sausage/potato/egg skillet will always resonate with comfort food fans, breakfast skillets, much like on-trend bowls, are getting a makeover with inspired flavors and treatments. They’re the perfect platform for ...

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Make Some Dough with Breakfast Breads

breakfast bread

Look anywhere these days and you’ll discover breakfast and brunch are trending away from the traditional all-you-can-eat buffet towards carefully curated à la carte menus. Today’s  well-engineered brunch menus contain well-thought-out offerings; nothing is an afterthought – everything has a specific purpose. The same is true for breakfast breads, once used as a buffet profit-hedging tactic thanks to their tendency ...

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Nature’s Blank Canvas: The Potato


While steak and potatoes is about as American as apple pie, the potato is extremely versatile with its neutral flavor providing a blank canvas for numerous possibilities. With the holiday season in full swing, get a refresher on the basics of some traditional potato applications, and then ask yourself what you can do to make them better. Rösti Known as ...

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